30 October 2008

"They gotta stop that"

Another case of people getting their information from the boob tube...

"They just gotta stop that. If he was out of hand, shoot him in the leg or something."

"It's not going to kill him."
Wanna bet? See, the thing is... when the pistols come out... police officers are trained, for very good reasons, to fire center-mass.

Be careful what you wish for.



langmann said...

As an EM physician I'd rather have a tasered guy show up on my door than one shot in the leg. From the way the person interviewed described it, being shot in the leg is no big deal - what an incredibly stupid person. Then again we have only the media to thank for portraying the taser as a death wand while apparently minimizing gun shot wounds.

Firearms have one purpose only - to kill fast. Trying to have an officer hit someone in the leg with surgical precision (not taking out any necesssary blood vessels or maiming someone for life) is preposterous. In fact trying to hit someone in the leg while they are moving with a single shot from a pistol is farcical. Its only going to get someone killed - the officer or the criminal.

Of course if these well intentioned liberals and friends of the criminals are asking the police to shoot rather than use tasers, perhaps we should let them run the experiment.

As an aside neo, possibly the sign of things to come? While I think the risk from this use is low, the number of patients I have seen with "backwashed bags" after being carted off to Xray and having their IV bag tossed between their legs during the ride does make me a bit more nervous after all. Any Americans out there still want Public Health Care?

Neo Conservative said...

"langmann says... Its only going to get someone killed - the officer or the criminal."

here's how this actually works.

if a threat is serious enough, the service pistol comes out. if it escalates... the weapon is brought into play.

at that point, the officer fires at the biggest part of the threat, the torso... to one... stop the threat and two... minimise the possibility of collateral damage... ie. changing an innocent bystander's horoscope.

personally, i'm good with packing up all the tasers... and going with a nightstick for minor threats... and .40 smith & wesson for everything else.

try that for six months and the socialist sob-sisters will be begging for the tasers back.

this guy called the tune... and he ended up doing the dance.

let's start worrying about all the people who actually give a shit about whether they live or die.


Auntie Liberal said...

"Firearms have one purpose only - to kill fast."

I think that should read more accurately, as:

"When police draw their firearms, it is for one purpose only - to immediately stop the threat. Not wound it, or slow it down, or make it say 'Ow, that stang!' But to put it on the ground immediately. Whether it lives or dies is outside the decision-making process."

Neo Conservative said...

"auntie liberal says... Whether it lives or dies is outside the decision-making process."

exactly right.

this is training, training, training.

if it's a life threatening situation... you don't think... you act.