28 October 2008


Syria gets its pants pulled down on international stage...

Al Qaeda leader Abu Ghadiya was killed in yesterday's strike inside Syria, a senior US military intelligence official told The Long War Journal.

But US special operations forces also inflicted a major blow to al Qaeda's foreign fighter network based in Syria. The entire senior leadership of Ghadiya's network was also killed in the raid, the official stated.
Hasta la vista, baby.


UPDATE: That's their story...

...and they're stickin' to it.
"All of them are civilian, unarmed, and they are on Syrian territory," he said, adding that among the dead were a farmer, three children and a fisherman.


Anonymous said...

The 'fisherman' killed himself! He got frustrated trying to reel in those ever elusive Desert fish.

Neo Conservative said...

say what you will about the syrians... they sure know how, despite the constraints of reality, to stay on message.