27 October 2008

How good are the drones?

Pretty damn good...

According to the Times, one of the targeted commanders "was believed to have been visiting the compound ... to pay his respects to the families of those killed in an American drone strike on Friday" in a different location.

The machines find and kill you, and then, when your boss shows up somewhere else to console your relatives, the machines are waiting for him there, too.

UPDATE: But you still need the "snake-eaters"
US special operations hunter-killer teams entered Syria in an attempt to capture Abu Ghadiya, a senior al Qaeda leader who has been in charge of the Syrian network since 2005.

US officials contacted by The Long War Journal would not comment if Ghadiya was killed or captured during the raid.

The raid is the first of its kind against Syria. The US has been striking regularly at Taliban and al Qaeda targets inside Pakistan’s tribal areas since the beginning of September.


Anonymous said...

Hey, what happened to "the unknowable will of Allah"?

Wasn't that your favourite line when a bunch of muslims get blowed up real good?

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny whines... what happened to..."

wow, nonny... no pornographic comments tonight?

you're slipping.