31 October 2008

Well, Toronto

How do you like him now?

“When this mayor got elected, the debt was $1.4-billion, and now it’s going to be $2.9-billion and we’ve got a plethora of taxes.”


Anonymous said...

Toronto voted for bankruptcy. When services collapse due to layoffs the province will have to step in and pick up the pieces - and you just know that the provincial Liberals will screw that up even worse. Toronto's future is not looking very bright.

Anonymous said...

Miller was the Wiz-Kid American from Harvard who scrfewed us out of $30 million worth of Tax Dollars because he and Comrade Chow promised 17% of the voters that they would stop the Island Airport Bridge.

Wait a minute there.....didn't the bridge only cost $20 million?

Just imagine telling your child that you borrowed $30'000.00 dollars from the House Equity to give to a University so they won't have to pay the $20'000.00 for a 3-year Course at that University.
Not only is the Mortgage amortization much longer to pay off, but your Parents paid $30'000.00 to save $20'000.00 for the Education you're not getting.

Miller's 1st Budget was a $60-Mill Deficit ,next came the $125 Mill deficit, number 3 was $240 Mill , then $425 Mill, and finally the BIG-LIE that Toronto was in good Financial shape even with the $700'000'000.00 Deficit.

Poor Mr.Miller , he actually believed that Paul Martin and McGuinty would bail him out of the Election promises that he and Ms.Chow made to all the Unions and Leftist homeless Workers in the Homeless-Industry.
I was born in Toronto and now an American mayor will force me out of Toronto merely by the massive Tax increases and rising crime issue that he keeps ignoring .
Is this what our Soldiers died for on the Beaches of Normandy?

I feel sorry for the person that paid for Miller's Business Degree at Harvard, he could have gotten the same Education just by running a Weenie wagon on Bloor Street , in fact...he would have learned that you don't make any money by paying customers $3.00 to NOT buy a $2.00 Hot Dog.

Brian said...

... and don't forget the hybrid bus fiasco which has cost $60M-$100M than conventional buses , whose batteries fail after 1-1.5 years and which don't get anywhere near the promised fuel savings.

When you start adding up all the $10M here , $30M there , $100M elsewhere , what do you expect ?

Rae almost bankrupted Ontario with NDP policies and Miller is essentially doing the same in Toronto.

"Expert" Tom said...

When Toronto crumbles it will be all Harper's fault, dontcha know.

Oh, and Mike Harris' too... I bet Bush had something to do with this, its all an inside job!!

Where is a Rothschild when you need one?

Joe said...

Well ya but when Paul Martin was running for Mayor of all Canada he promised the cities of which he would be mayor that there was billions of dollars for Toronto. I think it has something to do with Harper's hidden agenda. After all mayor Miller is so smrt.

Neo Conservative said...

in a democracy... you get the type of leadership you deserve.

i can't wait to see what happens when president obama starts "redistributing" the wealth in the u.s. of a.


Anonymous said...

I think there are going to be a lot of disappointed people should the Big O be elected.
The delusion runs deep....