29 October 2008

First it was...

"I won't cut your taxes... but I won't raise them either."

Then there was a billion dollars in hospital construction cost overruns.

So where does Dalton McGuinty draw the line on wheelin' & dealin'?

-- TORONTO -- Kyle Weese's plea bargain that saw gun charges dropped in 2006 came at a time when the provincial government was proclaiming the success of a policy not to make such deals.

"We absolutely fully prosecute gun crimes to the fullest extent and oppose bail on gun crimes. We already do that," then-attorney general Michael Bryant said in the legislature in November 2006.
Funny how that works.
"Runciman blasted Ontario's attorney general Tuesday for allowing a plea deal that saw the Crown drop six of seven serious charges against Kyle Weese for a shooting-related incident in 2005."


maryT said...

Too bad the AG or the judge or others involved with letting this madman out can't be charged as
Accessories after the fact.
Could they be sued for wrongful death, might wake some officials up if that could happen.
Hopefully this Government will put some teeth into the Justice System.

Neo Conservative said...

i just hope everyone involved in weese's sweetheart plea deal has to live with the fetid smell of this young girl's death for a long time to come.


JA Goneaux said...

Bryant is the largest lying sack of monkey shit in McSwifty's cabinet, which is saying something. If he were half as smooth as he is ambitious, he'd outrank Perry Mason and Matlock.

But really, whatever happened to the "five years solid" for a gun crime? Was that a figment of my imagination?

Neo Conservative said...

"jag asks... Was that a figment of my imagination?"

the mcguinty liberals would promise us "eternal youth" if they thought it would get them votes.

and apparently the sheeple here in ontario... would believe them.