29 October 2008

Toronto "Red" Star outdoes itself...

...with its online reportage on "the measure of a man."

Today we've got heroes... versus, well... zeroes...

One of these men has lived an extraordinary life, triumphing over adversity and is a model to us all... the other, apparently... is just a senile old nobody.

Go figure.



marginalizedactiondinosaur said...

Their share value is falling just hope they don't catch on until it hits zero.

Neo Conservative said...

they don't even make a pretense at objectivity any more.

no wonder they're going out of business.


langmann said...

Yeah, whatever you think of McCain there is no way one can deny that he is very well spoken for his age and that there are very few people in this world who would suffer through the torture he did on principle of in first out first. Very few.

If the media paid a much attention to Obama's gaffes and complete lack of experience or credentials this would be an entirely different race.

The double standard is really disgusting.

Anonymous said...

We could hasten the Toronto Stars demise by everybody going out and short selling the stock. I walked by one of those booths with people trying to sell Red Star subscriptions in the local mall last week. They had given up asking people before I walked by and I hope they would ask me so I could have told them how much I hate their communist rag but I sadly did not have the chance (real conservative).

Neo Conservative said...

i sometimes wish i had a parrot... just to have the satisfaction of using this scurrilous propaganda sheet to line the cage.