23 October 2008

The numbers game

Try to imagine what the tally would have been... if the Liberals had put 2 billion dollars into actual law enforcement... instead of the imbecilic "Farmer Bob Rifle Registry"...

In 2007, 126 homicides were committed with a handgun, 16 more than in 2006. The rate of homicides committed with a handgun has more than doubled over the past 20 years. At the same time, the use of rifles/shotguns to commit homicide continues to decline.
Translation: Illegal, unregistered handguns are the problem. Nobody's getting smoked with Farmer Bob's varmint rifle.
Homicides committed with handguns are primarily an urban phenomenon. Within the nation's metropolitan areas, 81% of all firearm-related homicides were committed with a handgun in 2007, compared with 29% in the rest of Canada.
Translation: Ganged-up urban thugs are the ones pulling the trigger. Farmer Bob's too busy working his ass off.
Gang-related homicides, which include the killing of gang members as well as innocent bystanders, have been increasing since this information was first collected in 1991. In 2007, just over two-thirds of gang-related homicides were committed with a firearm, compared with about 20% of homicides that did not involve gangs.
Guns don't kill people any more than cars drive... or hammers build houses.

Target the criminals.


RELATED: Meanwhile... across the pond
Some police forces have been undercounting some of the most serious violent crimes in England and Wales, the Home Office has admitted.

Some crimes that should have been classed as "grievous bodily harm with intent" were recorded as lesser crimes.

As a result, overall crime and overall violent crime remain down on last year - but the official total of most serious violent crime is up by 22%.
Yeah, sure... hide the truth.

Look at how well that's working out for China.



robins111 said...

Don't try to explain this to Mayor David..

He'll call you an american

Neo Conservative said...

"robins111 says... He'll call you an american"

yip, yip, yip... let's see his blondeness hold a press conference on driftwood ave.

yeah... that's what i thought.


Anonymous said...

They know where the guns are in Toronto.

Go get the guns.

Shake down every gangbanger, his baby momma, his sister, his momma. Stridently enforce every parole and probation.

Even if some liberal judge kicks the conviction, you'll have the gun (although I can envision a day when judges will have to hand back illegal guns...).

(This hallucination was brought to you by my not having my second Tim's today...)

Frank Cybulski said...

I actually wrote a column about this exact topic: http://rightramblings.wordpress.com/2008/10/21/the-reckless-crusade-against-firearms-ownership/

Neo Conservative said...

"jag says... This hallucination was brought to you..."

i love it... but let's face it... never gonna happen in mcslippery's fuzzy-bunny socialist paradise.


Rose said...

Stats Canada is clever with crime stats, how many violent crimes are left of the list to keep the stats down?

Anonymous said...

Well, I work in stats, and they is what they is. They can be manipulated, stretched, tortured, bent and twisted. Most of my day is asking "does this make sense?".

I do believe that, demographically, most violent crimes are caused by males 18 to 30, and that this cohort is shrinking.

HOWEVER, what isnt captured there is the fact that even though smaller in number, these little shits are getting more violent and getting it away with it more.

What doesn't fit on the spreadsheet ain't gonna fit in the Star's cherry picking either...

Neo Conservative said...

you also have to remember they're only talking deaths here... which doesn't correlate to how many shootings or stabbings there actually were.

toronto has advanced life support paramedics who are able to save people who were goners 15 years ago.

also in toronto... there is the dedicated sunnybrook e.r. unit... where all penetrating trauma cases get the full-court press.

it's why so many bangers are on their second or third round of gunshot wounds when they finally get smoked.