25 October 2008

Hey, Scarborough... ready or not...

...here he comes...

-- TORONTO -- Reacting to news that a military commission judge hearing pretrial motions had set a start date of Jan. 26, 2009, Khadr’s mother expressed delight.

“Oh good,” Maha Elsamnah said from her home in Toronto.

“His lawyers kept asking us to pray for the delay.”
Welcome back Khadr.


Paging Taliban Jack Layton
Negotiate this, bucko!


Anonymous said...

How odd that now that the Khadr's are back in canada the CBC stopped showing the Video clips of Omar's Mother and Sister praising the 9/11 hijackers for slaughtetring 24 Canadians because we helped support the zionist pigs and puppet Americans ruled by israel with our tax-dollars that help buy weapons that kills Muslims in palestine.

I see....so it's now OK for the Khadr's to accept our tax-dollars for free health care and Welfare while supporting a Mosque run by Aly Hindy who admitted on a TV show that he wants Sharia-law in canada so we can hang females in public to set an example for adulters.

Ok , now I get , Allah hates canadians that might have tax dollars go near israel, but it's fine for Allah's children to flee islamic States just to go on Welfare as a refugee in a Judeo-Christian nation.
Reminds me of the Muslim story for Muhammad who fled to a Christian Nation so he could spread islam safely because he knew that Follwers of jesus weren't prone to violence as we see with today's islamic followers that claim they are DRIVEN to be suicide bombers.

Anonymous said...

How odd that it is the Toronto Sun giving the Khadr family publicity. Why is that exactly? Are they somehow newsworthy? Why don't they report on meetings of white supremacists if the rantings of nuts are so "newsworthy"?

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, we see credibility thrown on the rack and stretched beyond recognition. Somehow we are to see a connection between the odious Khadr family's ravings, and reports of the Taliban in Afghanistan continuing their war while Jack Layton advocates negotiation, even though that agrees with Hamid Karzai's position.

If you don't support the position of the elected Government of Afghanistan, that would mean YOU support the Taliban, no? Since every war ends with negotiations, why are you against negotiations? Do you own stock in munitions companies?

Your petulant and predictable demands that Layton negotiate with the Taliban foot soldiers is either completely disingenuous, or shows a shocking stupidity. But I don't believe you are stupid though. Though you did forget to mention sending his wife with him for these faux "negotiations" which would simply mean walking into a Taliban held village and being murdered. You often suggest people who disagree with you should do things that would result in their deaths. Why is that?

Since the Taliban are an army, they will stop when their leaders tell them to. Your logic is like telling Churchill to negotiate with German foot soldiers, instead of negotiating with the leadership that controlled the soldiers.

Funny how you act like you don't get that, yet you bleat that guns don't kill, only people do, as if people have some psychosis, a fear of inanimate objects.

Cue the new post complete with copies of anon comments, whether mine or not, and links to your own past mewlings.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... the Taliban are an army"

no... they're not... they're a pack of bloodthirsty, drug-dealing jihadi terrorists.

but hey, nonny... it's nice to see that YOU'RE trainable.


Anonymous said...

Guantanamo should be closed, hang all the inmates and lock the place up.

Neo Conservative said...

both u.s. presidential candidates have said they will shut down the prison at gitmo.

omar will then be sent back to canada and will no doubt also be suing the government to supplement his welfare cheque.

oh canada.