25 October 2008

22 votes?

Sounds like he's the perfect replacement... for Stephane Dion.

-- VANCOUVER, B.C. -- One of the federal Liberals' high-profile western MPs won a squeaker recount Friday and said he's now pondering a run at the party's race to replace leader Stephane Dion.

Former NDP premier Ujjal Dosanjh, who first won Vancouver South for the Liberals in 2004 and was re-elected handsomely two years later, retained his seat by only 22 votes in a judicial recount of the Oct. 14 general election results.
Go, Ujjal, go.



syncrodox said...


Ujall is my second best choice for leader of the thieves.

Dave Rutherford had a partisan candidate a day during the last election and Ujall was on twice.

Asked by a caller what was the % of CO2 in the atmosphere by a caller who clearly knew the answer....well Ujall went sideways ending the bit by commenting... "I love you guys from Alberta".

Bring this idiot on.


bocanut said...

I would contribute cash to Dion if he'd run for the Liberal leadership again.

Anonymous said...

When Ujall loses (if he became leader), he could blame the Liberal failure on the "racists Conservatives".

Alberta Girl said...

22 votes - no wonder the judge decided NOT to open all the ballot boxes??

Something smells really, really bad.

Neo Conservative said...

"alberta girl says... Something smells really, really bad."

the question is, why do they just do a sampling... rather than an actual recount?

if it's about cost... why not just flip a coin?


Anonymous said...

Hey...let's have a recount on all the candidates...if it's that easy. Let me pick the boxes 'cause as a scrutineer we can tell which polls our guy got the most votes, and we know what towns he creamed the Libs.
Oops...I wasn't hand picked by the Lib...guess the recount won't happen.
This is disgusting!EC had a bee in their bonnet chasing CPC donations on the 'in and out' thing...that's nothing compared to this!
EC has to get cleaned up now!

Anonymous said...

Yes Ujal would make a wonderful candidate, lets see-
-he is a former Dipper BC premier
-he is a former member of a provincial government who were found guilty of taking monies from charities (theft)and using it in their campaign funds,
-he is the former Attorney General of BC who stabbed his premier in the back so that he could take the leadership away from him and become premier.
-he is the former premier of BC who in his only election as party leader was soundly thrashed, as was his party.
-he is a former friend of, and according to some a former member of the Indian Communist Party.
Yup, so while we are hallucinating, he sure would make a great leader and better yet, Prime Minister.