25 October 2008

How Green my valley?

McDonald and the spokesman told The Canadian Press the party was unaware of the garnishment order when the Greens hired him last year in an unusual dual-contract arrangement between the party, McDonald and a company owned by McDonald's wife.

Under one of the contracts, the party was obligated to pay McDonald $1 year as executive director while paying the company owned by his wife, Carol Day, $74,999 annually for the services McDonald would provide the party on behalf of his wife's company.

McDonald said in an interview Friday that the complicated arranged was not designed to duck the garnishment an Ontario Superior Court judge ordered in February 2006.

"No it wasn't," said McDonald.


Powell lucas said...

"No it wasn't, said McDonald"

Riiiight! and five pound robins ain't fat either.

Anonymous said...

Well if you believe in global warming, oops climate change, the gospel according to "fat Albert" and his prophet "diesel Davey" or mini me. It really isn't much of a stretch to be "creative" in your financial "arrangments" Nothing to see here folks' Cheers Bubba

Neo Conservative said...

"sounds a little like adscam", was my first thought.


More than meets the eye said...

I know Jim and the guys suing him raided his company while he was in the hospital recovering from a stroke that should have killed him. They stole software that took years to develop and called it their own. His countersuit will bring all of this to light.

Neo Conservative said...

hey... keep us posted.