28 October 2008

Every vote should count

Everybody... and I do mean everybody... makes a huge deal out of getting out and exercising the franchise... but then we're not gonna count all the votes?

-- VANCOUVER, B.C. -- A Vancouver Conservative candidate who lost a federal election recount last week is appealing the result in court.

Wai Young lost the judicial recount to Vancouver South incumbent Liberal Ujjal Dosanjh by just 22 votes on Friday but Conservative party official Ray Leitch says she's unhappy that not all the ballot boxes were rechecked in the process.

Leitch says a lawyer for Young will appear Thursday in a B.C. Supreme Court to ask a judge to check every vote cast.
Good for her.



Like I said previously.

Hey... notice any similarities?

Well, look who's here.

It's poor little CC... and he's so frightened, he has to post anonymously these days...


Anonymous said...

Funny, there was no problem for the Liberals in Quebec to get a recount swung in their favor by counting the votes.

You think there might be a slight bias?

Anonymous said...

If counting 15% of the ballots resulted in the Liberal candidate losing 33% of his lead, I can see why Justice Dohm would not want any further tabulations.
How did this particular Justice get chosen for the alleged recount? I would think that as he has had dealings with Ujjal when he (Ujjal) was AG in BC would be reason for Dohm to recuse himself.

Pissedoff said...

Might have known, another bent liberal judge. This answer my question on another post.

Anonymous said...

Yay neo, I haven't seen you calling for the murder of CC in a while. I'm sure you were missed over there. Or maybe you just missed. Again.

My brake lines continue to be unsevered. Keep looking!


Neo Conservative said...

oh c'mon, cc... this anonymous trolling thing?

you really think you're fooling anybody but yourself?