10 August 2008

It's always interesting...

...to see what happens when you catch the eye of the lunatic left...
and I'm always amazed at the fetishes that seem to bubble to the surface...
but you know... after the first couple of snickering, infantile, invariably sexual references... it's just kinda dumb and incredibly boring.

It's like that one obviously dimwitted neighbourhood kid... who took the dare from the head hooligan, to run up to that old lady's open porch window... and yell out some naughty words before scrambling away to hide.

Of course, the real joke was... he had no idea who everyone was actually laughing at.

And, yes... I'm just gonna continue to delete silly stuff like this.

So, CC... if you and the boys are finished telling each other make-believe naughty stories... maybe you better start working on Plan B.



It seems CC got up early just to blow me more kisses.
You've gotta love the dumbstick irony, here.

Remember Canadian Cynic's message to Wanda Watkins, whose son Lane was killed in Afghanistan?

"With all due respect, Wanda, fuck you and your grief. It's not the job of the rest of Canada to continue to let its soldiers die just so you can sleep better at night."
Of course, his disdain isn't limited to a single grieving mother... there's also this little gem...
And, of course, the obligatory Nazi name-calling...Hey, CC... got any good abortion jokes?



KURSK said...

I am glad Taliban are killed.Every single one of those S.O.B.'s that goes to their 72 white grapes are 72 that will never get a chance to harm one of our troops.

If the left finds that wrong , screw them.If they think we are the murderers, they are supporting the wrong side..they should just publicly declare it.

Rose said...

Anon, sorry to burst your bubble buttercup but I weigh 103 pounds soaking wet and I'm five foot two. Nice try retard.

I suspect CC is as ugly on the outside as she is on the inside-Miss Hatred personified. Perhaps that's why "Miss Degrading" other females feels the need to make beastiality references.

Trailer trash, and regarding the N word it appears CC isn't just an anti-female gal she's also a racist bigot. Thanks CC more info to CC the Liberal Party of Canada. Keep up the good work CC, I'll be sure to pass on links to your site to organizations that work at eradicating domestic violene against women CC.

Neo Conservative said...

rose... no sense wasting breath on this guy... i'm just gonna continue to wipe him off of my shoe every time he shows up here.

i guess he's just not getting all the validation he needs over at canadian cynic's mutual admiration society.


Anonymous said...

Now that we have established that CC is obsessed with your penis and what you do with it, perhaps he/she/it can explain to us why he/she/it is cheering on the death of Canadian soldiers.

Neo Conservative said...

"honey pot says... established that CC is obsessed..."

hmmm... you never hear word one about a mrs. cc, do you?

of course, with all the blatant misogyny on his blog... i guess it's all too easy to see why that is.


Anonymous said...

CC, debate? You are not worthy of our intellect, there would be no debate going on here.

You're just something we like to hold up as example of the far left's incongruent thought patterns.

You're a joke, a vulgar one, but still only a joke.

Rose said...

Good point Neo, I should not expect "Special Needs" or "Fetal Alcohol" youths to act in an adult manner.

Sorry, CC brings out the worst in me. That poor lass, how she must drool on the little "Yellow Bus" every Sept. Some day, sniff sniff, she'll be able to go on a talk show in the US and find out who is her real daddy. Honestly how many men can one woman sleep with during ovalation?

Anonymous said...

Cessy got sent to his room with no supper over at jacksnewswatch, why he's over here doing his hop/skip and jump routine is anyone's guess as clearly you weren't involved in administering that spanking.

Neo Conservative said...

"rose says... CC brings out the worst in me"

what you have to remember is that this guy is being purposely offensive... because he feeds off people's attention.

and in this particular instance, it's a textbook case of "negative attention is better than no attention."

he's so needy, the compulsion here is so strong... that he cannot help but come back and fish for more.

and remember... if this can drive adults to distraction... how much more vulnerable kids are to this tactic.

case in point... my son, who is in grade six, had a classmate who was an extreme example of this type of personality in his class this year.

the boy in question, who is extremely overweight (funny how this guy keeps throwing out obesity as an insult) and has a number of personal hygiene issues... says and does the most outrageous things.

this kid is apparently so socially isolated that he feels he has nothing to lose by acting out. his extremely obnoxious behaviour is simply a way to get noticed... to feel that he exists.

it's actually really sad... but the habit is so obviously ingrained, that without professional help, i doubt this kid could change it now... even if he wanted to.

just something to keep in mind, when our friend (and of course, he will) returns.

finally, of course, the fact that he has chosen you as his main target... speaks to his obvious inability to actually relate to women.

notice though, that he was cunning enough to get you to spill your height and weight. and he didn't even have to go out and find a real flesh and blood girl he'd have to actually talk to.

again... pretty creepy... but, in the final analysis, pretty sad.

and that's who we're dealing with here.


Clunking Fist said...

Wow, what an interesting thread! I kinda wish you hadn't deleted the words of this CC person.


Neo Conservative said...

"cf says... I kinda wish you hadn't deleted the words of this CC person."

heck... you wanna get a taste of the cynic... knock yourself out.


Anonymous said...

"you wanna get a taste of the cynic"

who's performing the heimlich maneuver on cf?

Neo Conservative said...

"anon asks... who's performing the heimlich maneuver on cf?"

that'd have to be red tory, ti-guy, kevron... the usual crowd of cynic lickers and apologisers... and there's a hard one... choke to death or have their dirty, slimy hands all over you.