25 October 2008

Altercation, huh?

What's that... big-city speak for bloody gun battle?

-- TORONTO -- Bullets flew after "an altercation" outside Duke of York Tavern on Queen St. E., just west of Leslie St., around 12:50 a.m., Toronto Police Const. Fred Scofield said. "As a result of "the altercation", we have one deceased and four people injured."

Three women and two men were found with apparent gunshot wounds, a police press release said.

"One of the women was found just inside the tavern," the release said. She was pronounced dead at the scene, while the other victims are expected to survive.
Remember when you were a teenager and a disagreement at a bar would start the bullets flyin'?

Yeah... me neither.


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UPDATE: Suspect named in Queen St. killing



Anonymous said...

And no doubt this Club has one of those massive washrooms where all the witnesses just happened to be in during the murders.

Maybe Miller can raise money by Fining club for failing to meet the building codes when 300 patrons are stuffed in to just 2 small washrooms.
How do the disabled get access when hundreds of people fill-up just one room ? ,how the hell did they get the door closed?

Oh well , just another weekend in T.O. while the Mayor is Globe-trotting in a Jet to fight Pollution and Global Warming at a Conference in Japan.

karmat said...

Things sure have changed. I grew up in Toronto and in my 20's, spent most nights either clubbing or bartending at the clubs downtown. One night, two guys starting fighting over the woman they were with and one of them ended up knifing the other who died shortly after. I remember we were all so shocked by what we had witnessed, by the violence, we were all willing to testify in court. Then we all had to come back a couple of years later when the guy was trying to appeal. Back then, in the eighties, what I witnessed was an unusual event, but all the people who stood up automatically to do their duty was the norm. Why have people changed so much?

Neo Conservative said...

"karmat says... all the people who stood up automatically to do their duty was the norm"

values like duty, honour, country... are all considered so "last century" these days.

brave new world, huh?


djb said...

What's wrong with saying "a gun battle between black gang members"?

Neo Conservative said...

"djb says... What's wrong with saying "a gun battle between black gang members"?

how about, for starters, in this instance it simply wouldn't be factual...

"The suspect is described as six feet tall, male, white, in his mid-twenties with a stocky build. He has dark hair in a near-brushcut style. He has some facial hair and was wearing dark clothing."


Anonymous said...

Mayor Miller's power grows with every shooting, he doesn't want them to stop. That would be as silly as solving the homeless problem, he can expropriate the wealth of millions by keeping people on the street. Fear is a great friend of socialists.