15 October 2008

Enough to make you wanna scream

You know what I mean... all the nonsensical, fluffy yip-yap from Bob and Iggy... about what a great job Stephane Dion did with the Lemming, er... Liberal campaign.

Maybe we can just ask somebody who doesn't have to carefully conceal any ulterior motive. You know... like somebody who isn't actually looking to take Dion's livelihood away from him...

Political consultant David Herle, who chaired the two previous Liberal campaigns, said the party will hold Dion responsible for what he describes as last night's "crushingly bad defeat."

"We are now again, virtually irrelevant in Western Canada and have lost the beachhead we had in British Columbia. The problems in Quebec remain widespread and deep. The NDP and Greens are encroaching on the Liberal party's territory from the left."

Since Dion was the author and the designer of the campaign, Herle said he can't see him leading the party during another election.
There... wasn't that refreshing?


The punch-line?

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langmann said...

CTV has been raging all day about how one of Dion's political handlers took him to the back of the plane and told him how bad he was going to lose.

I find that hard to believe. Dion cannot actually be that stupid.

I think the MSM is now ready to start ripping Dion apart. I figure the Liberal party itself will let their media hounds tear Dion up until he quits out of sheer frustration. It is disgusting how allied the MSM and the Liberals are.

Watching the election coverage I was stunned at all the "gloom" coming out of the reporters as if something disastrous had happened to Canada as the Liberals got stomped.

I have yet to hear anyone really give Harper any credit for pretty much cleaning up the rest of Canada. If Quebec wasn't in the country it would have been a rout. Nobody except one political science prof who told off Sandi for even thinking Harper should quit, has mentioned how the Liberals have been reduced to a local party.

When Dion attacked the CTV camera man it was astounding how they all started to make excuses for Dion. As many people have mentioned, imagine if the roles were reversed and Harper had done this?

Once the Liberals find a new leader who can actually sound coherent in English, watch the media start up the campaign.

Anonymous said...

But Harper was supposed to crush Dion in the debates, even in French. Haven't heard too much sneering on that front lately.

Instead, Dion showed Canadians he is smarter than Harper, not an ideologue and not an autocrat.

I don't know if they'll let him stay on for another try, usually they do.

But the loudest shrieking of "Dion must go" comes from Harper supporters. They are scared because with all the advantages going in, and 18 months of the "not a leader, not worth the risk" campaign unencumbered by election spending laws and partially paid for by all taxpayers (the 10 percenters) Harper still failed to get a majority.

Dion's English worsens when he is tired and tense. He "held the stick too tight". After the experience of this campaign, next time he'll do better. But he got his ideas out there and showed himself to be an intelligent and practical minded leader.

Dion can and must improve his English. Harper cannot grow his heart three sizes nor can he hide his contempt for most Canadians.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... But the loudest shrieking of "Dion must go" comes from Harper supporters."

uh-huh... is that so?

try looking in my sidebar, scooby... and maybe r-r-reading s-s-slower.

anyway jason... i thought you said you were all washed up.

hey... do you want "to start again"?


langmann said...

nonny: Let's be realistic, this whole thing about Harper not having a heart is a load of BS. He's a firm person, but no different from any other of Canada's notable leaders. Do you think he's any more vicious than Chretien? I'd say he is less really.

I have not been unfair to Dion, please try and be realistic about Harper.

Dion is an idealogue, unfortunately for his party. As we have seen in the Sun article on campaign revelations, Dion refused to give up on the carbon tax even when his party was demanding it. He refused to see that it would result in Liberal destruction.

As to the Quebec debate, Dion was fair. Not great by any means. He was more competent in French than the other leaders as he should be which is why people think he won (I watched in it French as well). But as we all saw the debate format put Harper really in a battle against four people. No one would do well in such a debate. If the debate format had been similar to previous years I think Dion would have been destroyed. Those instances when Layton ripped him up were very telling on how flustered Dion can get. In a one on one debate verses a calm Harper Dion would not have done well at all.

The CPC did an excellent job of routing even well established incumbents, which is not easy to do at all. Much of this is Dion's fault.

The real question on a majority is how much does the rest of Canada owe Quebec?

Neo Conservative said...

"langmann says... I think the MSM is now ready to start ripping Dion apart."

wow... you sure called that one.

got any stock tips?