03 November 2007

A Liberal is just a Conservative...

Who hasn't been mugged yet.

-- TORONTO -- Residents in the High Park and Junction districts-- shaken by a rash of robberies in September -- are worried following a resurgence of street crime.

Since Oct. 18, six people have been mugged near a pedestrian bridge north of Bloor Street -- two as recently as Wednesday and Thursday night. This crime spree follows a spate of street robberies that plagued the neighbourhoods in late September.
Not to worry Toronto... I'm guessing Mayor Miller's gonna set up some whizbang social programmes with your newly increased taxes... to address the brute... I mean... root causes of this type of behaviour.

Remember... these crimes are not really anyone's fault... it's the unfair and blatantly biased Canadian system that's to blame.


UPDATE: The hits just keep on comin'...

In the Jane-Finch corridor...
Two men were found with life-threatening injuries, while a third was taken into custody, after what appears to be one incident involving two buildings in the city’s north end Saturday night.

Police received reports of a stabbing at 2801 Jane Street, at Eddystone Avenue, at 7:15 p.m.

By 7:20 p.m., police responded to a nearby apartment complex at 10 Eddystone Ave., just off Jane Street, where a man was found unconscious on the ground floor suffering from a puncture wound.

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Anonymous said...

They need a basketball court and quick!

Anonymous said...

That's getting close to Miller's neighbourhood. Maybe the basketball court should go next to his house.

While they're at it, the half-way house could go on the other side, and the safe injection site across the street.

GrantK1 said...

A Liberal is just a Conservative who hasn't moved out of his/her parents house yet, got a good paying job and been forced to pay taxes yet.

Anonymous said...

Miller should care about crime in High Park because he lives there. But the recent immigrants are always better than the locals so this will just be sluffed off.
(real conservative)

Anonymous said...

Miller should try the "surge" deal.