15 November 2007

Is the Schreiber story changing?

CTV is now saying...

Meanwhile, recent court documents filed by Schreiber here in Canada alleged that he paid former prime minister Brian Mulroney $300,000 in cash payments shortly after Mulroney left office.
I thought the big bang in this sordid tale was that money allegedly changed hands before Mulroney left office.

Is Schreiber OR CTV now climbing down from that aspect of the story?



Here's the deal Karl... the only thing you're currently in charge of... is your bowel movements.

You're just the dumbass in the orange jumpsuit on the monkey side of the bars.
-- OTTAWA, TORONTO -- The man at the centre of allegations against former prime minister Brian Mulroney, Karlheinz Schreiber, served notice yesterday he would not co-operate with a public inquiry if he were extradited to Germany.

"Not one fucking word would I say," Mr. Schreiber said from the Toronto West Detention Centre. "Not one word," he repeated.

"Why would I care about the country any more? ... Why would I care any longer?"
The only thing thing this master manipulator cares about, is avoiding extradition to Germany... but I think he just overplayed his hand.

This probably would have worked on Steffi... but Stephen Harper is made of sterner stuff.


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Brian said...

I understood it that he received the money after he left office, but it was agreed to before. Specifically, the tow met at Harrington Lake a few weeks before Mulroney left office, where it was agreed he would receive the money.

Neo Conservative said...

"Brian said... I understood it that he received the money"

no brian... what you understand is that a man who has been charged with serious crimes, who has been fighting extradition tooth and nail, for how many years... is alleging all of these things.

the loony left is always screaming about due process for people like the doofus on death row... but mulroney is somehow exempt?

time for schreiber to pony up... instead of the unceasing fiberal spin that this somehow impacts the government of the day.


Anonymous said...

Now, now Neo, it's just cyntie's irreverant, iconoclastic sense of sarcasm, the whacky li'l dickens. I'm sure his next critique of Mark Steyn will be entitled "Where's the Compassion when you really need it?"