12 March 2007

"Look at me, I'm so smart..."

You look in the dictionary and right beside the word...

varlakial -- adj. 1. involving, indicating or tending towards suicide. 2. liable to destroy one's own interests or prospects; dangerously rash.
The word originates from a blogpost by a heedless, young Liberal Party supporter, who was speculating about the necessity of assassinating Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

"I've always maintained that there will come a point at which Stephen Harper will have to take a bullet. I mean, we'll arrive at a time when the only way we can protect this country, its ideal and its history from a violent rape at the hands of the neo-con pigs is to take this man out."
Varlaki on horrified reactions to his posting...
"I hope you have called the RCMP. I've always wanted to get on one of those lists they've been keeping; I think it's cool. Anything to distinguish myself from the herd of unquestioning fatalistic animals this society has become."
Well, Allen... it's safe to say, you've probably distinguished yourself from the people who don't show up as potentially violent threats on police computer terminals when they get pulled over for speeding.

UPDATE: You dummies just don't get it...
"By the way, the grammar and punctuation was (sic) perfect in my original post because I'm an educated young man skilled in academic writing, not because I'm some psycho who took hours to post a message on my blog."
LAST WORD: Sorry, my ass... I'm too busy...
"I have pulled the entire blog due to the volume of emails I was receiving."

"I just don't have time for all that."
That big brain of yours notwithstanding... there's still a bit of difference between a vague expression of regret -- especially after very publicly stepping on your own dick -- and a proper apology for threatening harm to a democratically elected head of state.

And so far, my young freedom-fighter... you aren't even close to an apology.

One last thing Allen... here's some free, friendly advice from your local scary, hidden Conservative... maybe try to throttle back your frothy limbic processes long enough to...
"Shut yer freakin' pie hole... and find a good lawyer."
Cause I think you're gonna need one.

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Roy Eappen said...

This must be looked into by the RCMP!

Neo Conservative said...

roy... if i had to guess, this guy will soon have his own personal entry in cpic, with a little v for violence beside it.

he'll never get a sensitive government job, a security clearance, a bondable position, or a job in politics.

he may just want to return to the seminary... i hear they're willing to forgive almost anything.

he screwed himself... and he's just starting to realise it.


Anonymous said...

ccnqtI agree with Roy, the RCMP should be called to investigate this guy.To me there is no difference between a terrorist or this guy making threats. md

Neo Conservative said...

"md said... the RCMP should be called to investigate this guy"

you don't have to worry about it being reported. there were any number of people upset enough at the original post, to alert the authorities.

wait till he tries to go to daytona beach for spring break and u.s. customs has him on the "moody loners with violent tendencies" watchlist.

two words... squeaky fromme


Anonymous said...

What an arrogant little dumbass.

Neo Conservative said...

What an arrogant little pinko dumbass.


Anonymous said...

After the Kimveer Gill postings on a Goth website, one would think that one would be wary what one says. Anywhere!