11 March 2007

Calling all special interest groups...

Line up here for Sugar Daddy Dion's special multi-million dollar cash handouts...

The Liberal leader attended a Ukrainian commemorative ceremony and criticized the Tories' lack of action on money committed by the former Liberal government to commemorate the internment of Ukrainian Canadians during the First World War.

Mr. Dion said they'd committed $12.5-million for educational outreach programs, but that money hasn't been issued since Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Tories took power in 2006.
Ooooh, ooooh, Steffi, Steff, over here... I've got a question...

The last time I went to the Emergency Room, I ended up sitting on my ass in a huge room, full of very ill people... for seven hours... with a sick, fevered child.

So my question to you is... "Can you maybe hold off on promises of out and out bribery... at least until the health care system is off life-support?"

That'd work a little better for me.

UPDATE: Today's special... MORE PORK
To recognize Indo-Canadians' impressive entrepreneurial success in B.C., Dion promised a future Liberal government would erect an India Gate in both South Vancouver and Surrey, and offer an official apology for Canada's refusal to let hundreds of Indian immigrants into the country nearly 100 years ago.

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Anonymous said...

You tories can be such hypocrites.

When Harper handed out money for chinese headtax payers, and created a new program to fund initiatives EXACTLY like this you bowed before his brilliance like he was the Lord.

BUT, when liberals work to secure EXACTLY the same funding you scream bloody murder.

Your hypocracy has no limits.

Concerned said...

Hypocrasy is the act of condemning another person, where the stated basis for the criticism is the breach of a rule which also applies to the critic and of which the critic is in breach to a similar or greater extent.

It seems that the Liberals always had a plan for this and that, but just never got around to implementing them.
They always seemed to have large sums of money committed to one thing or another, but never got around to distributing it, (except in brown paper bags).

Yes, Liberal Hyprocracy has no limits.

Harper on the other hand doesn't just plan and commit, he actually executes and delivers.

Neo Conservative said...

"you bowed before his brilliance like he was the Lord..."

i did?

i'd sure like you to show me where i did that.


Neo Conservative said...

further to "anon said... you bowed before his brilliance like he was the Lord..."

please do a search on this blog for the word "chinese". i'll give you an example of what you'll find....


"Quick, hide the kids! Stephen Harper is gonna... well, he's up to, uh... something really, really bad."

"Prime Minister Stephen Harper says his government will not abandon "important Canadian values" by toning down criticisms of China's human rights record to improve trade relations with Beijing."


Shannon said...

Another Liberal lie laid bare. This Ukranian funding issue was brought up in the house a few weeks ago. Apparently a Liberal named Boris was at a Ukranian event and went on the podium bemoaning that the evil Conservatives had slashed the 12.5 million the Liberals had pledged to them. Jason Kenny was also there. He told the crowd that this was "inaccurate". Then in the House Kenny laid out the facts: during the 2006 election Paul Martin and Boris had promised (an election promise) only 2.5 million. This oney was not in any of the THREE Goodale budgets. It was a campaign election goodie bribe. The Liberals lost. Now they want the Conservatives to keep all of THEIR pet election promises. Boris had egg on his face and is still trying to fabricate this story to save face by having Dion repeat it.
A lie is a lie is a lie- but Liberals think if they tell a lie enough times people will be fooled.
They neglect to realize that we, the people, are not stupid.

Neo Conservative said...

"Shannon said... Now they want the Conservatives to keep all of THEIR pet election promises."

this is the fallacy exposed... just like the nanny-state daycare and the bogus kelowna accord.

if this stuff was so sacred to the liberals, why couldn't their successive majority governments make it happen?

yeah... that's what i thought.


TonyGuitar said...

Sell the mild relaxant known as weed or pot just as spirits are sold today.

Direct the flood of new tax wealth and savings of policing towards health care.

Gain decent community policing in the process.

Simple. = TG

Anonymous said...

TG: You are advocating smoking pot? Are you also for smoking tobacco that is a mild relaxant and a pain killer?
BTW, tobacco increases testerone in men and pot destroys it. Tobacco enhances brain power, pot inhibits it. Just some trivia for you to put in your pipe to smoke - or not!

Neo Conservative said...

"anon said... tobacco enhances brain power...pot inhibits it"

not so fast stogie-breath... to paraphrase pj o'rourke, "i wanna see the logic AND the lab equipment."

so, for anyone who's interested, i took a look at the actual science.


Anonymous said...

Liberal slushfunds for corruption and bribery are a tradition that has made Canada a much poorer place than it otherwise would be. Thieves and liars from the Liberal Party of Montreal have stolen millions and gotten away with the money - and some stupid people will still vote for them.