18 November 2020

No Gun... No Problem

Two separate murders in Toronto the Not So Good...
A man is dead and a woman is in serious condition after they were both stabbed In Scarborough’s Port Union area at Port Union Road and Fanfare Avenue late Monday night.

It appears the woman and the man got into an altercation and the woman fled her home to a neighbour’s home several doors down the street.

The injured woman was taken into custody.

And almost a week later, no identification of either killer or victim.

But wait... there's more...

A woman is dead and a man is in hospital with serious injuries following a double stabbing in the Bloorcourt Village area at loor Street West and Shaw Street just after 5 p.m.

Get out while you still can.  

UPDATE: Second killer & victim id'dinsert alt text here

The man involved in the incident, Samuel Girmatsion, 36, was taken into custody while still in hospital.

"Incident?"  That's Homicide #64/2020.  

IN OTHER MURDER-Y NEWS: Homicide #58/2020

Raheem McLaughlin, 27, of Toronto is charged with First Degree Murder