20 November 2020


So... illegal guns smuggled in from California & Maine. Will Justin and Bill Blair continue to chase farmers & hunters... or do something concrete about beefing up border security?toronto's most wantedSays a former police officer...
“Wortman had no intention of following the law, so banning firearms, banning semi automatic rifles and handguns would not have stopped him.”

You know... sort of like these guys.

And remember the RCMP and PM Care Bear refusing to comment on anything Wortman-related...

The details were contained in a briefing note given to the prime minister just days after the shooting.

After initially resisting the effort, the federal government called for a public inquiry into the shooting.

Translation... after trying to stonewall the public for weeks, Trudeau caved in to public pressure.

DUDLEY DO-RIGHT DID EVERYTHING WRONG:insert alt text hereRemember, when seconds count, the cops are only thirteen and a half hours away. 

No wonder they didn't want to talk about it.


...that Heidi Stevenson was killed in a gunfight with Wortman. Evidence suggests she was executed after being knocked insensible by her cruiser's airbag after being rammed by Wortman.insert alt text here

She joined the Mounties and was sent to the Musical Ride, even though she hadn’t ever ridden a horse. She spent 13 years there. When she came back to Nova Scotia, she was a press liaison.

She was a community support officer, like those who go into schools.
In other words, not a line officer. More of a sacrificial lamb.  And don't get me started on the two RCMP imbeciles who shot up the Onslow Belmont firehall.

Just another couple of stories you won't see on the CBC.