09 November 2020

Dear Mayor Spineless...

Here's a scenario.

Suppose a serial murderer was running amok in your city. Would you flit around confiscating axes from each and every household within municipal boundaries? 

Do you understand why that would be a waste of time?insert alt text
hereIn actual fact, this very emphatically isn't a problem for "all our residents."

For the most part, a very specific, identifiable subset of the populace have armed themselves with illegal weapons and boogie around very specific neighbourhoods shooting people with relish & impunity. 

Can you acknowledge that this is the case?

Apparently not...
“I think that kind of talk about sort of, you know, where this all arises from, or sort of who’s to blame, is not very constructive,” Toronto Mayor John Tory told reporters in Nathan Phillips Square.
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A 21-year-old man was walking with a group on a busy downtown street Sunday afternoon when he was shot and seriously injured, Toronto police say.
And there's this.