23 February 2018

Diversity is our...

...oh my gawd...
The officer serving as second in command at Toronto’s troubled 13 Division had his Bradford home raided as Peel Regional Police investigated an alleged immigration scam earlier this month.

Acting Insp. Paul Qureshi’s wife, Mariam Qureshi, 36, her mother and the alleged ringleader, Sakia Mojadiddi, 61... are now charged with fraud-related offences from a scheme that police allege fleeced victims from the Middle East who dreamed of bringing loved ones to Canada.

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TORONTO — Two 18-year-old men are facing a combined 52 charges for allegedly pimping a woman and shooting her in the buttocks when she tried to escape. Dante Thaxter, 18, of Peel Region, and Tyrel McLean, 18, of Hamilton, are each facing 26 charges that include trafficking, firearm offences, aggravated assault and threatening death.