04 February 2018

Black Lives Matter, Toronto...

...was apparently unavailable for comment...usual felons
A Superior Court jury has found Shakeil Wheatle guilty of first-degree murder, based largely on the co-operation of a star witness who risked his life to help police solve the killing of an innocent man. It was the third time Wheatle has stood trial for the July 19, 2012, killing of Daniel Davis, 27, shot eight times by three men behind an elementary school in Flemington Park, near Lawrence Ave. W. and Allen Rd.

Three eight special, just boom, boom, boom. Just giving it to the man,” he said in the recording played to jurors.

Wheatle is still scheduled to stand trial for the murder of Marvin Engelbrecht, who was fatally shot a few months after, and up the street from where, Davis was killed.

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..."Dem Wite Peepul be Debbils"...
"A White Playwright’s attempt to Profit off Black Pain."
I wonder, when will we see a Toronto playwright take on the murder of "Vivi" Leimonis?


Several thousand protesters marched in New York City on Saturday. The protesters were part of Al Sharpton’s “Million Marchers” protest against police violence. The protesters chanted “What do we want?… Dead cops!” as they marched in New York City.