12 February 2018

Canada's "national broadcaster"...

Where it's always "Black History Month"...
Student Azjani Senior said do-rags are head coverings traditionally worn by black people to help preserve hair styles, and said when she walked into class and saw the teacher wearing one, she confronted him and told him it was "a bit racist" and that he should stop wearing it.

Senior's mother, Debbie Miles, told Here and Now she was "quite shocked" when her daughter told her about the incident.
Who will we be sacrificing on the altar of political correctness today?
School principal Dave Chambers read a statement to CBC Toronto, wherein he explained the idea to wear do-rags came from a Black History committee.
Oh, Dave. The "road to hell," buddy.


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...was apparently unavailable for comment...
A man who was found by police with gunshot wounds after being tossed from an SUV in the Bayview Village has died in hospital. He is identified as Isahaq Omar, 36. This is Toronto’s sixth murder victim of 2018.
Four men are facing a total of 31 charges in connection with a human trafficking investigation involving two teenage girls, Toronto police say. Jahdine Desir, 19, Dane Cato-Simpson, 22, and Tahje Tucker, 18, are facing several charges. A fourth man, identified by police as 45-year-old Sukminder Lota, of Brampton, has also been charged.
We now return to our in-depth coverage of race-based head coverings.


LAST WORD: It's all [culturally] relative, I guess...
Baltimore is at 11 days and counting without a homicide.

I am losing my mind thrilled,” said Baltimore Ceasefire organizer Erricka Bridgeford. For days, she said she’s been staying up until midnight, to see if the city has made it through another day without a killing.

It’s really exciting,” she said. “Baltimore deserves this boost of love.”