05 February 2018

And yet again, the "book burning" starts

If you get all your news from Canada's "national broadcaster"... you're getting conned... and paying for it...
A small group of people played the drums on top of the concrete square Sunday afternoon where the statue of Halifax founder Edward Cornwallis once stood for 87 years.

They're celebrating the statue's removal from the park that's still named after him.
Remember, the federal government gives the CBC a billion taxpayer dollars every year.

So what is the actual story here? Don't expect to get that on The National...
It seems relevant to note that Abbe Le Loutre was also paying cash for hair — he doled out 1,800 French livres to Mi’kmaq warriors for 18 English scalps.

If we’re looking for the villain responsible for all that bloodshed and sorrow almost three centuries ago, however, we’ve punished the wrong man.

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From the comments...
"All I know is that I WANT to be Canada’s ... Minister of The Status of Women! I assume my duties will include 'inspection' duties ... 'examining' women to determine their status. I propose a ranking system of 1-10 with a ‘10’ being the IDEAL form of womanhood."