12 July 2017

Ostrich Syndrome

So we'll pretend it's not happening... that'll fix the problem...hoodrats
Officials from BART, the public metro system serving California's San Francisco Bay area, have come under fire for their refusal to release crime surveillance videos, claiming such tapes will promote stereotypes and "stir up racial animosity."

A BART official defended the agency's decision on Monday by saying information about criminal misconduct will be withheld at this time because of the media's "disproportionate elevation" of crimes that "unfairly affect and characterize riders of color."
Hell's bells... here in Canada, this is standard operating procedure...
York Regional Police are investigating after shots were fired into the front window of a restaurant in Vaughan late Monday. It happened at an establishment on Rutherford Road near Weston Road shortly before 11 p.m. A suspect was seen fleeing the scene, but there was no immediate description of the person.
A man is in hospital with serious injuries after a shooting in Scarborough shortly before 2:30 a.m. near a Tim Hortons near Midland and Eglinton avenues. Investigators have not released any information on suspects and police have not said if the victim was targeted in the shooting.
And again...
Multiple shots were fired at a home near Warden and St. Clair avenues early on Tuesday morning. There were people inside the home at the time, Toronto police said, but no one was hurt.

There’s no word yet on suspects.
Ooops... one more...
Toronto police said they received several reports of three to five shots fired just after 3 p.m. near Jane St. and Sheppard Ave. W. Police later found a male near the scene with injuries.
Black Lives Matter Toronto was apparently unavailable for comment.


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"An award-winning journalist who broke the story of the group of Jewish women ejected from an LGBTQ march in Chicago last month has been reassigned to non-journalistic duties at the paper which ran the original report, the Windy City Times."
Let's not even talk about the French.