22 July 2017

Get out your decoder rings...

"Calgary police say the violence is generally localized to individuals of a group that is very disorganized and lacking in the structure of traditional gangs. Communities within central and northeast Calgary have the highest shooting occurrence rates and the shootings are most likely to happen during the night on weekends."
Meanwhile, back in Toronto's "gun free zone", or as I like to call it... the Home of the Whopper...light em up
Rinaldo Cole, 33, and Dwayne Campbell, 30, were both pronounced dead on scene after efforts to revive both men proved unsuccessful. The woman who was celebrating her birthday, meanwhile, was rushed to Sunnybrook Hospital.

Police have not released any information about potential suspects at this point, refusing to even speculate on how many people may have opened fire.

UPDATE: From better to diverse...
Despite there being “upwards of 200 people” at the party, Toronto Police Det. Rob North says police are struggling to find witnesses. “We’ve had very little co-operation from people,” North said.
How many of those 200 potential witnesses do you think will have been in the bathroom when the mayhem commenced?

It's the Danzig bloodbath all over again.

Also in Scarberia...
A shooting inside a Scarborough bar has sent five people to hospital.

Gunfire first erupted inside McGradies Tap & Grill on Victoria Park Avenue near Ellesmere Road at around 2:30 a.m.
Two men were shot in a suspected drive-by shooting in the neighbourhood of Eglinton East Saturday night, Toronto police say. As a result of the shots, two men later made their way to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Police say it's not clear if the shooting was targeted.
You'll be happy to know Toronto cops aren't totally incompetent. They were able to offer up one suspect description from this weekend's mayhem...
"A gas bar attendant told Toronto police he saw two stabbing victims walking to his east-end gas station early Sunday morning. Police say the suspect is white, six feet tall and in his 20s and 30s."
Those damn violent honkies!


LAST WORD: The usual stereotypes, er... suspects
Police said he emerged from the car wielding a shotgun, much to the surprise of some passersby who came to his aid, thinking he might be injured. He then forced a woman out of her black Dodge Journey at gunpoint, and fled the scene in her car.

Quinnton Drake, 25, of Ajax, faces 21 charges including possession of property obtained by crime, six counts of pointing a firearm, robbery and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.
If only there was a law...


Weldon Hillard said...

"Police say that the gun violence comes hand in hand with other violent behaviour exhibited by suspects."

I'm awe struck - is this the failure of MSM reporting/investigating or police ineptitude? What are they telling us which isn't painfully obvious? This is an admission of impotency by authorities.

Moons ago I lived in an area of Calgary where the local posse had a club/crack house set up the next suburb over toward the city core(about 15 blocks from us)- the cops were there all the time but to no avail - they started doing vehicle smash and grabs and B&Es in our neighborhood, so we got some locals together and had an unofficial neighborhood watch - caught 3 or 4 of them prowling cars and garages - we knew things would only get worse so we moved on the next spring - don't miss Calgary at all - small towns are bliss - for now.

Anonymous said...

"very disorganised and lacking in structure"
Hmm sounds like they are using a template based on race based affiliation, sounds like they could use a "community organiser"
Why the violence is worse on weekends during the night is puzzling, it's not like they are punching the 'ol timeclock during the week.

Neo Conservative said...

in the current politically correct climate, police intervene at their peril. in places like baltimore and chi-raq the police no longer patrol the combat zones.

in toronto, whenever you here about a murder in the "northwest end" of the city, it invariably centers around the west-indian diaspora at jane & finch.


Neo Conservative said...


Five people were shot at McGradies Tap & Grill on Victoria Park Avenue near
Ellesemere Road around 2:30 a.m. on Sunday. “We’re assuming that there
were quite a few witnesses, quite a few people who may have seen exactly
what happened,” said Const. Allyson Douglas-Cook.

“We’re pleading to these people, any information regardless of how small,
would be extremely helpful in helping us to find out exactly what happened.”

apparently, just like the 200 people at the bbq/firefight... nobody stopped to
talk to the police

that's justin's post national state in action... no such thing as canadian values
any more, i guess.


Anonymous said...

Circumspect folks probably don't frequent these "bars" or "clubs"....wisely, if they haven't already moved to another locale. Or entertain at home on Friday or Saturday night (presuming that they also punch a clock). It would be interesting to know who the owners of said bars & clubs were & how they stay in business, with "customers" like these. They are probably part of the problem.

Neo Conservative said...

anon... i don't know about circumspect... but you sure don't wanna show up if you're not packin' heat.