22 July 2017

"He could remember..."

"...riding his horse into the town three miles from his grandparents’ farm with a real pistol strapped to his side and a rifle in the scabbard when he was 12 or 13. No one said a thing. Today a SWAT team would be on the scene."


Anonymous said...

old white guy says.............when I was twelve I could walk to the outskirts of town with my shotgun or my 22 and no one would blink an eye. if a local cop drove by they would wave.

John the Mad said...

I recall when I was 13 or 14 going to the local Canadian Tire store all by myself and purchased a .22 calibre rifle with ammo. No one asked me for ID. There was no requirement for a firearm acquisition certificate, no parental presence required and the thought that I would take the rifle and shoot up anything other than tin cans never entered my mind, or anyone else's mind. All this despite the then Anglo-Celtic society being a binary cispool of Islamophobic, heteronormative, sexist, racist, Christian churchgoing, fascists. Only later, once we were re-educated using Maoist best practices, placed under the stern thumbscrew of human rights commissioners and expunged of all traces of crusader mentality did we begin to grasp our manifest personal and societal failures. Only since then did we receive the Great Charter from the hands of our political masters that finally granted us actual rights and freedoms, concepts heretofore unknown and undreamed of in the un-reconstructed Canada.

Only since those days do we see rifles used in drive-by shootings and massacres of what formerly were called females at Ecole Polytechnique by a Muslim man called Gamil Gharbi (with no connection whatsoever to his Islamic religion). As I understand the prevailing zeitgeist it was really the rifle's fault. Only since then has the Parliament of Canada been attacked in the name of Islam by a rifle toting terrorists (with no connection whatsoever to his Islamic religion), or are Canadian soldiers shot to death by Muslims while standing ceremonial guard over our National war memorial, or are they run over and murdered by Muslims, (with no connection whatsoever to their Islamic religion), using automobiles as their death dealing weapon of choice.

Only since then, have we seen a Canadian Prime Minister authorize a $10.5 M tax-free payout to an IED assembling, grenade throwing, Islamic al Qaeda terrorist (with no connection whatsoever to his Islamic religion) killed an unarmed US army medic and blinded another soldier on a foreign field of battle where Canadian soldiers were deployed fighting said Islamic terrorists. Only since then has a Canadian Prime Minister, supported by the toadying Liberal media, demonstrated a lack of a moral compass by portraying the resulting national furor by outraged Canadians as a "domestic squabble" that ought not to be mentioned abroad, lest we damage the political capital of the aforementioned cynical matinee idol we call Prime Minister. Can you spell "red-herring?" This same cynical PM asserts that the somewhat tawdry "details" of what led to the Islamic terrorist's incarceration are irrelevant to the payment of Danegeld. The 71% of Canadians who vehemently disagree think otherwise, but they don't count in the progressive, virtue-signalling world of Liberal politics and media.

Only since my evil mini-assault weapon purchase so long ago have doctors been given legal blessing and encouragement to actively kill their patients in clear violation of the Hippocratic oath, has a mother's womb become the most dangerous place on earth for a baby, or have doctors with moral convictions against killing patients faced prosecution for their refusal to participate in the culture of death. Nor then, were young vulnerable human bipeds with wombs, formerly called girls, regularly bullied into committing suicide by peers brought up on the enlightened elixir of progressive thought. Only since then do we see needle exchanges, primary school indoctrination on the virtues of buggery and the evils of fascism (i.e., conservatism), or have deplorable, pale- faced, cis males been so reviled for clinging bitterly to their testicles and their melanin.

Neo Conservative said...

on the farm directly behind us, the young son ws allowed to take his 410 shotgun out... the only proviso being that he was allowed one round at a time.

found out later he had been exploring the huge slash pile at the back fenceline where bears were denning up.

he survived just fine and is now off at ag college.


Bill Elder said...

At 10 I was dispatching ground hogs starlings and crows on my uncle's farm for spending money. At 14 I was on a local police-Kinsmen youth target rifle team. At 16 I usd to sling my Cooey over my back and ride my mini bike out to the outskirts of town to hunt small game - without a blink from neighbors or cops. Most of the kids on my street and in my scout troop had .22s. we used to have target shooting camp outs. Our high school had a rifle range and we had DOD rifles and ammo stored at the school where target qualifying was part of the cadet program - never heard of an accident or incident.

Times have definitely changed - society has been driven paranoid, kids are less trustworthy or responsible and society and politics show this extended juvenile delinquency.

Neo Conservative said...

in the 1980's i remember purchasing a rifle and travelling across toronto on the streetcar.

nobody looked at me twice.