25 July 2017

One of Afghanistan's best & brightest...

..makes you wonder how civilised the hoi-polloi can be...

An Afghan diplomat, Mohammad Yama Aini is accused of beating his wife so badly that she ended up in a Queens emergency room — but he won’t be charged because he has diplomatic immunity, police sources told The Post on Sunday.

At some point, Aini then drove his wife to Flushing Hospital, where she eventually told workers he had pulled her hair, slapped her and punched her in the face. But Mohammad, 46, could not be charged because of he is a counselor to the Afghan Mission to the UN, which gives him diplomatic immunity.

Mohammad on Sunday denied to The Post that he hit his wife. “I think you have it wrong,” he said over the intercom at the building where he and his family live. “Nothing happened. The hospital is saying nothing happened, and the doctors and my wife say that nothing happened between us.”

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A Montreal man is facing first-degree murder for allegedly stabbing his pregnant wife, resulting in the death of the baby.

Sofiane Ghazi, 37, faces seven other charges, including the attempted murder of his wife, Raja Ghazi, death threats and car theft.
Who could have seen that coming?


Anonymous said...

Hmm "diplomatic immunity" sound a lot like the free pass given to Willie and Hillary the Arkansaw twins.
Mo did not see himself do that, the Docters did not see him just shaddup already

Neo Conservative said...

they should, at minimum, PNG his wife-beating ass back to muddy, bloody kabul.


James Walker said...

And the next night they made sweet love, and she's pregnant again.

Anonymous said...

old white guy asks...............the big question. did he use a hockey stick at any time during the assault?

Neo Conservative said...

the phrase "tarred and feathered" comes to mind.