01 October 2015

Racist, knuckle-draggin' Conservatives...

...like that xenophobic Stephen Harp...wait a minute...

Can Canada be anti-immigrant while setting new records in immigration? Last year Canada led the G7 in population growth, and 60% of it was from immigration.
Hmmm... what we need here is an expensive, complicated solution to a non-existent problem...trudopeYet another Justin brainwave.


BREAKING: Euro-Pop Quiz

Who was it that said, "let me in, or I'll blow your house down?"
"Eurotunnel services were suspended on Saturday after more than 200 migrants broke into its French terminal in a 'massive and organised' assault."
They don't recognise your borders, they couldn't care less about your laws.

They find your religion and cultural norms disgusting.

This isn't about charity & human kindness anymore.

It's an invasion.


Anonymous said...

Canada (and many other western nations) are told that their country needs more people to help fill a projected shortfall of workers and people who can take care of the country's ageing population. These young people will thus fill the need for workers, and their taxes will pay for aged pensions and health care.

And then Justin blithely opens his mouth and proves this all a lie by suggesting that these new immigrants bring all their ageing parents and grandparents over as well. Unless the idea is that even more new immigrants are needed to take care of the current new immigrant's parents and grandparents. A giant Ponzi scheme of welfare - just don't be the last wave of immigrants, each of whose two parents and four grandparents will be left stranded in a country who can no longer afford to import enough new immigrants and their families to take care of them.

Neo Conservative said...

unfortunately, north america seems to have rejected the idea of meritocracy altogether. we have to worry about checking our privilege, about gender bias... about micro-aggressions for gawds sake.

once upon a time, there were standards, a point system to determine who the best and the brightest immigrants were. unfortunately justin's daddy decided to implement a giant welfare scheme that would also swell the ranks of liberal voters.

one need only look at the ghettoes in northwest toronto... jane-finch, rexdale, kipling dixon... to see what has happened. even calgary is currently experiencing a violent crime-wave from their newly planted somali community.

the fact is, as soon as muslim immigrants and their larger families reach that magic tipping point and become a majority, they will have the wherewithal to implement a society based on sharia law. the so-called "old stock" canadians with their 1.2 children (i stand guilty as well) are barely breaking even population-wise. we will live in a very different canada in a couple of decades.

that is, of course, what the people seem to want. you get the government you deserve. forget insane economic policies... if canadians elect either trudeau or mulcair, men who will refuse to strip citizenship from convicted terrorists who choose to remain dual nationals, then we are truly screwed.