22 October 2015

PM-elect calls for Syrian "safety break"

Awright, awright, nobody works, nobody gets hurt... well, except for all the Kurds...

“It is a bad news for us. Canada was a major partner in the coalition and it was a great help to Kurdistan,” Jabar Yawar, chief of staff for the Kurdish Regional Government’s Peshmerga Ministry said in an interview posted Wednesday about Mr. Trudeau’s plan to end this country’s combat operations in Iraq and Syria.

A spokesman for Mr. Trudeau declined to comment on the comments from the Kurdish peshmerga.
I bet he did.

No real surprise here, you won't even agree to revoke convicted terrorists citizenship, it's not like you're gonna shoot at them. What's next, diplomatic recognition for the "Islamic State?"


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There's any number of reasons that countries have a "Foreign Affairs" department. I guess we're lucky Justin didn't just Tweet it out to the world.


canadianna said...

Since we're going to normalize relations with Iran, why not?

Neo Conservative said...


canadianna... it is the next logical liberal step, is it not?

i wonder if sophie gregoire is worried that her, "beautiful, beautiful PILF husband" (per socialite life magazine) will be taking on additional wives once the liberals introduce sharia law.


Martin said...

Before even taking office, Jr has already got off to a bad start on Canada-US relations.. The comments of Whitehouse spokesman A Panetta, are completely at odds with what Jr is claiming. Last night Rosie Barton interviewed two who predicted renewed warm relations between the countries. Worth remembering, is that under Liberals J Chretien and P Martin, the relationship sunk to the lowest point possible.

johndoe124 said...

I don't really want to hear from Trudeau's spin doctors. I want to hear from PM Shiny Pony. In any case, how many possible responses are there? "But we're going to give them blankets" or "He's being so divisive" or "It's climate change" or how about "It's Israel's fault"? Unfortunately, "Islamaphobe!" is not likely to work in this situation.