20 October 2015

Hey Canada, that new tax...

...on stupidity? The first installment gets billed today...

"The Liberals promised to up that to 25,000, beginning immediately. The platform promises to spend $250 million, including $100 million in the current fiscal year, 'to increase Syrian refugee processing, as well as sponsorship and settlement services.'”
That's $10,000 per refugee, right? That just might cover welfare housing & food for one year, but let's remember these people are not well educated, don't speak the language and have had minimal health care, so that figure needs to be multiplied, probably by at least four to cover "sponsorship and settlement services."

And it needs to be spent every year until Ahmad is employable. Call it a billion dollars yearly.

That's just one Justin promise... and it doesn't improve a single middle class Canadian life.

That's what you voted for, Canada. They promised us billions of dollars in deficit spending, and fuddle my sainted duddle, they'll deliver.

From the heart outwards, baby.

P.S. - Remember the Liberals "revenue neutral" long gun registry? Allan Rock promised that it would "pay for itself" through user fees.

Two billion dollars later, the Conservatives had to shoot the ailing beast and put it's crippled ass out of it's non-functional misery.

Dalton McGuinty's "Green Plan," adopted by Kathleen Wynne has put Ontario 8 billion dollars in the red. In Ontario, we now pay the highest electricity rates in North America. It is killing manufacturing jobs daily.

Government exists to perpetuate itself. Bureaucrats must spend all the money they're given or their budgets will be cut. Justin promised to slash a hole in Canada's national purse and enough people got on board that it's actually gonna happen.

This is a sad day for Canada.


LAST WORD: A Liberal Supporter speaksliberal supporterA sad, sad day.


Anonymous said...

People are kidding themselves if they think this isn't going to spell the end of western civilization and all the good it accomplished. The world is increasing backwards.


This is a good watch that should cheer us up at least. Found it very informative.

Or for anyone too pistoff, he made a good rant addressing Germany's suicide note.

Neo Conservative said...

aboriginal communities were finally taken off the leash by their chiefs and allowed, nay driven, to vote.

coincidentally, i'm sure... justin and the liberals have promised to repeal the very act of parliament that would audit the 12 billion dollars we give to the chiefs every year.

similar bribes, like massive family reunification incentives to immigrants, dope for dopes and billions in infrastructure projects to corporations rounded out the program.

but, don't worry... it's all "free" money.


Anonymous said...

Those points didn't even occur to me.

I still don't see that explaining their impossible seat gains.
I underestimated the power of a name. People really bought into P.E.T being a great hero of Canada.... utterly oblivious to the damage done. Not that Joe Clark was at all useful. I suspect the CPC went wrong with not defending the mutual benefits of the free market and growing the economic pies. Did any conservatives even utter the phrase or were they too timid and stiff lipped?

The quite approach only works against not gaffing up a supposed scandel when the smoke still hasn't cleared. The PMO was masterful at allowing events and evidence clear their name long after all the blind mud slingers made fools of themselves... which doesn't seem to matter anyway cuz they just made off with even wider gains.

Doesn't it make you all feel good about being good and yet somehow still not being "good" enough for the media or the left or the electorate?
Do they not see the signal this sends to people who sacrifice everything to expose themselves to such hate by standing up for worth while principles and fiscal stewardship?

Economic liberty is where all other liberties start... how this was not a campaign message could only be blamed on the few social conservative factions who don't grasp the concept. It is good that people have social liberty so you let their examples play out on what to avoid. This would of freed up genuinely good people to lead by example on how to be successful, while providing real world contrasts that pop culture fails to provide.

Instead good people are held to such impossible standards that when someone who is genuine to the best of their abilities, gets shot down for making others look bad.
Harper routinely made the others look bad, but somehow was still an evil scheming despot. Harper derangement syndrome is now the great measure for which we can expect any leader(or person) to be treated no matter what they do.
It's the double standard of Iran being fine to use nuclear energy but us "evil racist" aren't allowed energy independence of any sort.
Gap Stores can boycott our oil industry but has no problems opening outlets in Saudi Arabia. Western civilization can't weaponize space even for defense, but Russia, China and North Korea get off the hook because no one can stop them.
Look up what they've been up to with that, while you still can anyway...

On a lighter note:


Steven Crowder as Bernie Sanders. I gut laughed.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could be less gloomy, and under a stable global situation, I would of been like the rest and taken the loss gracefully. Federal elections are about foreign policy and macro economics. I suspect that if the Liberals hope to maintain power for the many many years to come, they will not directly disrupt our economy like Notely or Wynne. And will use the economic policy inertia that they Conservatives set in motion to pamper their budgets as if they had anything to do with the growth or revenue increases. This has always been the case since the 80's, across jurisdictions and around the world. Look how people reflect on Clinton and Chretien years, while ignoring the work of state and provincial efforts and that which preceded them a decade in advance.

Free Market Capitalism will survive, it will always survive. It is the only aspect of any economy that drives genuine growth. Our healthcare is only as good as it is due to our low population size, medical tech innovations from the U.S., wholistic health industry and services [that are private and hated by health Canada and FDA] and having a modest single payer health insurance which will never pay off.
The U.S. system does not have a national cross state competitive free market. So it's only even had problems because of government regulations and state by state protectionism.

I owe my good health to wholistic medicine and would be bed ridden and emaciated without the products I dare not mention even though they are perfectly legal.

I can only hope the Liberals will maintain any if not all safe guards the Conservatives had in mind when it comes to refugees. Though with the roster of muslim MP that unapologetic ties to extremist organizations and even terrorist front groups, I remain incredibly pessimistic. Maybe they're plans are not as sinister as they appear. I won't elaborate on what I mean.

After reflection upon their previous records on the issue, I some how doubt they deserve the benefit of the doubt.