28 March 2011

Dear CBC... you're floggin' this thing...

...harder than the Sunday night fish special at the local greasy spoon... you might wanna make sure it actually works...
brokeback networkOr, heck... maybe I'm on their no-fly list.


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..see on CTV or CBC...

"This Accord will expire on June 30, 2011 unless renewed."
So... does that mean the NDP get their half dozen cabinet postings?


Canajun said...

What happened? You come up as a Dipper?

Neo Conservative said...

surely you jest.

like a lot of the jibber-jabber at cbc... it was hopelessly broke.

wouldn't accept any of my input. i gave up after three tries.


ridenrain said...

Enter "I don't know"for everything and it correctly calls you a Liberal.

Springer said...

If you're using FireFox 4.0, it probably won't work, no idea why, but wouldn't for me, either.

Switch over to Internet Explorer, should work okay.

I was reluctant, but then what the hell.

Apparently I'm definitely voting for the right party.

Anonymous said...

"... Enter "I don't know"for everything and it correctly calls you a Liberal. ..."

Don't knock the CBC on this one ... I would say that is correctly biased in this case as a typical Liberal doesn't know anything and is perennially confused about real events.

Neo Conservative said...

using firefox 3.6... don't know if i'm even curious enough to click on internet explorer.

thing is, it's the cbc... if "the national" is anything to go by... they've likely gaffed the wheel anyway.


Anonymous said...


If Canada had a legitimate, small-c fiscal conservative Prime Minister he would eradicate the far-left bias, unfair and unbalanced, terrorist’s sympathizing, Khadr hugging CBC which consistently promotes and encourages revulsion for the United States. This billion dollar a year embarrassment and humiliation serves as the Canadian left’s “Ministry of Popular Enlightenment and Propaganda”.

The massively overfunded state broadcaster dislocates the free market with unfair competition by squandering its multi-billions of tax dollars without being compelled to produce a product that customers will pay to watch. If this far-left, bias, lap dog for the Liberal/NDP collation didn’t have $1.2 of tax dollars to squander it wouldn’t even have its current pathetically low ratings. For the unaccountable CBC, informing the public pursuant to both sides of a story means giving a hyped-up version of the Liberal Party’s talking points, and then producing a hyped-up reiteration of the NDP’s talking points. CBC frequently gives the impression of publishing Lib/NDP news releases verbatim, but seems to apportion a great deal of time to scrutinize, research, censure, and criticize Conservative statements.

Now that Canada has numerous television and radio networks, satellite networks, and the internet, there is no longer any necessity for a state broadcaster; especially one scripted by left-wing affirmative action bimbos/minorities, and watched to mostly by the far-left, but paid for my people who actually work for a living and pay taxes. One of the numerous rationales for the exceptionally low quality of the state broadcaster’s regularly error overflowing “news” is its policy of sacrificing excellence in order to promote its far left Liberal/NDP agenda, plus its diversity goals to hire recent immigrants with their habitually inferior journalistic credentials. The state broadcaster consistently mis-informs the public, some times by intent, and other times because they hire these semi-qualified, so-called “journalists”.

As opposed to producing quality, informative, balanced, unbiased journalism that Canadian tax payers are over paying for, the state broadcaster has an immense creditability gap, is guilty of oversimplification and “dumping down” news, neglects to distinguish between opinion and comments, favors form over content, uncompromisingly encourages anti-Americanism, and has no public trust with anyone not on the extreme left!

If Harper was a genuine small-c conservative he would immediately begin to eradicate the deficit/debt by changing this embarrassment to a private pay for view station, sell the complete far-left bias Khadr hugging state broadcaster, or simply shut down this far-left bimbo/minority scripted degradation to humanity.


Anonymous said...

the one issue i have with this little test is where they position the conservative party on the graph: way right on economics and way right on social issues.

In actuality, they are much closer to the center on both issues.

Who came up eith these positions? Liberals obviously.

oxygentax said...

When I reviewed my answers compared to all of the parties, I noticed that the Libs/NDP/Bloc were the same answer on most of the questions. I wasn't sure if that was the CBC unconsciously signaling a coalition ("Hey champ, a coalition isn't that scary because they're all the same party anyways") or if the CBC is biasing the results to make the NDP or the Bloc less scary relative to the Liberals.

Anonymous said...

There is a more usual poll under cbc.ca/news/yourcommunity/2011/03pov-election-what's-the-most-important-issue-to-you.html
I put military spending, but you can pick the economy or whatever.

Neo Conservative said...

the conservatives should stick that tweet on a campaign t-shirt...

"rest of world puzzled as opposition parties seek to topple government of best performing economy in g7"


Neo Conservative said...

yet another shocker... CBC Default Setting: Liberal