23 March 2011

C'mon Giorgio... what's wrong with...

...the existing setup down at Nathan Phillips Square?
no whore like a politician**********

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LAST WORD: The Liberal Party of Canada...

...all oiled up and ready to go...

Forget the hunt for undecided delegates, people here want to get their hands on the sought-after "I'm Liberal" thong underwear.
And go and go and...
Fry sang a duet with local drag queen legend Bill Monroe, who proudly showed off his “Tina Turner” legs. Drag queen Carlotta Gurl did a number as Wonder Woman and tied up MP Rob Oliphant’s aide with a golden lasso.

The show also included saucy burlesque performers who stripped down to their pasties.


Frances said...

Mr Mammoliti has a great idea - just should have it in his own neighbourhood!!

Neo Conservative said...

unfortunately... never seems to work out that way.

hey, forget the toronto islands... how about baffin?

you know... right next to this place.


Anonymous said...

speaking of red light district, I hear there was in in the PMO's office.


Neo Conservative said...

"nonny mumbles... I hear there was in in... snicker"

nonny... i thought you were simply a moron... but your increasing incoherency suggests a substance abuse issue.

here's a tip... only take as much as you need... not as much as you want.