20 March 2011

I'm from the government...

...I'm here to save you...
kiss of deathCall me wacky... but I'm thinking "farm fresh" just has to be better than "month old" food factory stuff...

"Check the 'Best Before' date stamped on the carton. This date is about 35 days from the packaging date."

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meat is murder...well, apart from Phil Miller & his six laid-off employees.
Miller has sold his meat pies — both directly to hungry customers and wholesale to other food stores — from his Miller’s Scottish Bakery in Georgetown for the last 23 years.

But wholesaling the pies came to a grinding halt after a visit from the agriculture ministry last December.
I'm guessing Miller's infamous meat pies have still killed fewer people than Michael Bryant's car...
Miller was told he needed $50,000 in upgrades to wholesale again, including a separate, refrigerated room with washable walls and an underground drain for when the meat is unpacked for cooking.


obituary said...

Government approved meat packers come to mind.
So just because it supposedly "inspected" is one safe? No. But large agribusinesses stifle another mom and pop business and Big Brother chalks up another win.

Neo Conservative said...

gotta have priorities, i guess. they clean up the uninspected egg thugs... maybe they'll eventually get around to other homegrown scofflaws.

oh, c'mon... stop laughing... it could happen.


max said...

This situation is another example of what I consider to be a subtle form of corruption commonplace in Canada.

In third world countries, economic rent is extorted by public officials via cash payments in exchange for regulatory approval. In our country, economic rent is extorted by public officials via taxation in exchange for regulatory approval. The end results are the same.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the baker didn't get help from this mill operator:


Neo...I love your comment: Nobody works, nobody gets hurt.
That about sums it up. Of course unless you work for the government.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... Too bad the baker didn't get help from this mill operator"

that's a post all by itself... slotted in for tomorrow morning.