15 March 2011

Chillax, dude... like maybe they're just...

...hitchhiking around Waziristan, trying to find inner peace...

In December, 2006, Mr. Imam went on the hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, a few months before disappearing from Canada for good.

His alleged accomplice is a fellow Winnipegger, Miawand Yar, who had amassed a rap sheet for dealing crack before becoming a religious fundamentalist.

On Monday, the Mounties obtained warrants for these Canadian suspects from a judge in a Winnipeg court.
Hey... let's ask the Liberal immigration critic what he thinks.


ricky said...

I was at the U of M last year when this was shaking out. 9/10 students would have no idea this happened.

Although it came to light that these characters were significant enough to warrant specific briefings on their status to Obama, Bush Jr and Harper, the campus radicals were more concerned with CSIS's harassment of the muslim student's association, racial profiling, etc. See archives of the student newspaper "The Manitoban" for examples.

Establishment leftists provide intellectual framework and moral support for terrorists. Bombastic op-eds in campus rags are nothing new, but student writers are mainly lightning rods of their atmosphere.

Professors, administrators, media workers and the politicians who pander to them bear responsibility for this mess.

Neo Conservative said...

it's true, ricky... plenty of useful idiots in this world.