23 March 2011

Don't give up hope, Ronnie...

...I'm sure Justin and Iggy are gonna be pullin' for you...

A Montana lawmaker’s failed bid to have capital punishment abolished in the state has left Ronald Smith — the only Canadian on death row in the U.S. — with one less avenue to avoid execution nearly 30 years after he murdered two Americans during a drunken road trip from Alberta in 1982.

Smith confessed to the crime and initially asked for the death penalty, but later launched what has become a three-decade fight to avoid execution.
If only there was a way to execute him twice.


Anonymous said...

Smith is a murdering POS and should have been executed about 27 years ago. He did the crime in the USA .The USA should get to toast this clown

Rob C

Patsplace said...

It only goes to show the decline of the US that they didn't off this POS, as was suggested, 27 years ago.

Neo Conservative said...

why on earth would anyone want to warehouse this guy & his ilk for the rest of their lives?

i don't get it.