25 March 2011

Unlike, say... the Middle East

A recent study conducted by a group of mathematicians using census data suggests that organized religion is heading for extinction in nine western democracies.

The study shows that even Ireland which is predominately Catholic will see its religion die.


Brian Gardiner said...

A line from an economic commentary I read once applies so well here: "At current growth levels my 12 year old son will be 10 foot tall by the time he's 20."

The big mistake studies like this make all the time is drawing a straight line through two numbers, and extrapolating what the future holds by the numbers on that line.

Neo Conservative said...

and, of course... there's the one about the statistician who drowned in a lake that averaged only three feet deep.

but, brian... what is your personal experience? i know that none of my five siblings goes to church.

how about your family & friends?


Chris said...

Brian, before you answer that... Neo... because none of your siblings goes to church... then no one in the west does? And then everyone in the middle east is a devout follower?

Take stats at any time? Which tests do you rely on for those results?

Neo Conservative said...

oh, chris... now you're telling other commenters what to do?

you're still pissed about being called out on that other trolling thing, huh?

here's a question... never mind statistics... what does your own anecdotal experience with this topic tell you?