10 March 2011

Canada, yet again, held up to the light...

...exposed as backwoods racist sh#thole...

-- OTTAWA -- Three University of Ottawa resident doctors are accusing the university and faculty members of racism, intimidation and discrimination.

Waleed Al-Ghaithy, Khalid Aba-Alkhail and Manal Al-Saigh -- all from Saudi Arabia -- have filed complaints with the Ontario human rights tribunal.
Why, I wouldn't blame them if they all packed up their bags tommorrow and enrolled at some world-famous Saudi medical... wait...


"Racism and intimidation at the University of Ottawa? How can that be, isn't that where those fine liberals Errol Mendes and Amir Attaran work?"

BREAKING: If only Canada could be...

...more like Saudi Arabia...
Saudi police opened fire Thursday to disperse a protest in the mainly Shiite east, leaving at least one man injured, as the government struggled to prevent a wave of unrest sweeping the Arab world from reaching the kingdom.

The Interior Ministry has banned demonstrations, saying they contradict Islamic laws and society's values and adding that some people have tried to go around the law to "achieve illegitimate aims."
I sincerely hope the protesters will be taking this up with the "Riyahd Human Rights Commission."


Anonymous said...

Racism and intimidation at the University of Ottawa? How can that be, isn't that where those fine liberals Errol Mendes and Amir Attaran work?

Neo Conservative said...

had another anonymous comment that i chose not to let through... this person claimed they had a cross cultural dating experience at the ottawa hospital that bordered on felonious conduct.

which, as unpleasant as that might be... is kinda beside the point here.

see, here's what i wanna know... if canada is such a terrible place to live... why are people breaking down the doors to get in... even to mop floors or drive taxis?

and the reciprocal of that question is... why aren't people rushing the gates at the king fahd school of brain surgery or the kampala medical school?

hmmm... maybe canada isn't such a horrible place after all.


Anonymous said...

I agree Neo. It has become a real pain in the a$$, we welcome people into OUR country only to be dumped on.

Rob C

Neo Conservative said...

hey... my parents were immigrants... and not a day goes by that i don't think about how different my life would have been... had they stayed in scotland.

i won't give you the whole illustrious family history... but, back in the auld country, i have a cousin who lost a kidney in a knife fight. while i have one aunt who owns her own home... everybody else lives in council housing.

canada has its problems... but it's head & shoulders above most places on this planet.