08 March 2011

Hey... he also serves, who sits around...

...hoping for the change...

At the same time, there are persistent voices — in Congress and even inside the administration — arguing that Mr. Obama is moving too slowly. They contend that there is too much concern about perceptions, and that the White House is too squeamish because of Iraq.

Tactical issues aside, Mr. Gates is concerned, Pentagon officials say, about the political fallout of the United States’ attacking yet another Muslim country — even on behalf of a Muslim population.
What the heck... will of Allah and all that, right?


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Anonymous said...

send them in guns ablazing. best way to ensure the complete bankruptcy of the US, open up another front to fight. that's always works well, at least it did for the Germans.

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny shrieks... it did for the Germans."

yes, of course, nonny... that's exactly what all those neocon warmongers are... wait a minute...

"For the administration, [uber-democrat] Mr. Kerry’s view is more troublesome, given that he is a normally a strong ally on foreign policy issues. He was a fierce critic of the war in Iraq, but he sees Libya as a different matter."

"He has pushed the White House to do more — including “cratering” Libya’s airfields so the planes cannot take off."

so your compassionate, intellectual thesis here... is that enforcing a no-fly zone against momo... is some sort of war-crime?

and an analogy comparing president mcdreamy to adolph hitler?

you go girl.