22 March 2011

"What is this democracy you speak of?"

Seems some Egyptians are still a little unclear on the concept...

The ministry was the site of a peaceful protest Tuesday morning and afternoon, with thousands of ministry employees -- many of them police officers -- making demands, mainly for higher wages.
But wait a minute, I guess there's peaceful... and there's PEACEFUL...
Protesters at the building denied setting the fire, saying it originated inside.

In a similar protest a few weeks ago, demonstrators set other buildings in the Interior Ministry complex ablaze, as well as cars. However, that fire did not grow to the size of Tuesday's blaze.
Oh, well... baby steps.


obituary said...

Nothing like a good fire. Canadians haven't burnt down their parliament buildings in quite a while. It's sign of a healthy democracy!

liberal supporter said...

Speaking of democracy, looks like Canada will be having its own regime change soon.


Neo Conservative said...

i'm curious, libby... why exactly, do you invariably supply a laugh track for all of your feeble trolls?

shouldn't actual humour be able to stand on it's own two legs? sounds like somebody needs to work on their self-esteem. well, that... and their standup.

heck, you're really slipping... you forgot to throw in a fat, bald nazi zinger.

how the mighty have fallen.


Frances said...

Neo - I rather think Canada should be seriously looking at offering the Coptic Christians a refuge. Otherwise, we'll be looking at another genocide.

Neo Conservative said...

good point, frances... apparently the new democratic egypt... is not too different from the old feudal, theocratic egypt.

surprise, surprise.