04 March 2011

Another epic J-School fail

Sun Media newspaper chain... once again... confuses "damage control" with "moral superiority"...hypocrisy

"Victoria-born Furtado's admission on her Twitter account comes in contrast to other Western pop stars who have kept quiet as news of their performances for the family of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi breaks as protests against Gadhafi's regime continue to rock the North African nation."

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You truly wanna make the world a better place?

Take every "jet-setting celebrity" on gawd's green earth... and parachute their millionaire addictions & bejewelled vaginas into the largest city in Iran.


Brian Gardiner said...

I was on this a bit last week. You're right, if Nelly F wanted to do the right thing, she should not have taken the money from the murderous dictator in the first place.

Or was the psychopathic dictator part of his job description a secret all these years?

Neo Conservative said...

"brian-g says... take the money from the murderous dictator"

hmmm... "money from the murderous dictator".

gotta say... if there's a pithier description of "moral bankruptcy"... i've yet to trip over it.


Frances said...

Why shouldn't she have taken the money? She did perform, after all. How much have other Canadians benefited from business relationships with Libya? After all, business with Libya = business with the Gadhafi clan.

Neo Conservative said...

"frances asks... Why shouldn't she have taken the money?"

oh, good... an actual question... as opposed to the predictable silly-ass trollery by the usual suspects.

anyway, first off... nellie herself made a choice to deep-six this money. seems logical that nellie herself sensed something here was a little off the ethical bubble.

unfortunately for her (more to the point, for her image)... she decided to give up the loot only after the incident hit the airwaves... which begs the larger ethical question here... is she actually feeling remorseful about associating with a modern day caligula... or just embarrassed that the bloodthirsty dictator shit hit the e-talk fan?

now... while it's true ms. furtado didn't actually apply electricity to anyone's genitals... why on earth would you care to brush up against anyone who would?

to put it in a canadian context... wouldn't this sorta be like visiting willie pickton... for money?


David said...

Drop in the bucket, but optics in the entertainment industry count, so Beyonce and Maria have both acknowledged receiving money for performing.

Damage control hari kari is the Head of the London School of Economics tendering his resignation over

A wee bit more damaging than a few pop diva's getting paid to do their job.

Lynn said...

Ms.Furtado,like most of today's young people,especially those who are concentrating on a mega- million dollar career in the never-never land of showbiz,probably had only a vague idea of who Ghaddafi was.

Her agent may have checked and found Canada and the U.S. still did lots of business with Libya, so "why not my client".

When you compare this minor infraction of "what's right" to the many Canadian businesses who aggressively seek out trade with every murderous dictator on the planet, it comes off as a small time transgression.(see Power Corporation)

Nelly Furtado came from the Victoria Portuguese community,many of whom I came to know well in the 1960's. They were decent, honest,hard working people,and Nelly being part of this community, was undoubtedly brought up in a moral household.

I would guess that only NOW has she realized who she worked for back in 2007,and has moved to make amends for that MINOR error in judgement.

Seeing as Nelly has conducted herself on a much higher plane than most in her biz,I'll give her the benefit of the doubt.

Let's see if any of the other "stars" who performed for the Colonel or his family, follow Ms.Furtado's lead.


Frances said...

Neo - just what connections do you think a former Prime Minister has with Libya, whether formally or through family/company connections? Have you heard any angst from THAT quarter?

Neo Conservative said...

maybe nellie saw that video of ol' momo shaking hands with ex-pm paul martin and just assumed he was a good friend of the canadian people.