14 October 2008

More "taxpayer-funded" hugs & kisses

I'm from the "interwebs"... I'm here to save you...

In 2000, a Canadian poll of labour unions revealed that more than 75 per cent of those surveyed reported incidents of harassment and bullying at work.

She also remembers one bullied worker who used a long drive home every evening to help him calm down from his stressful workplace. But she said that every now and then, when he was crossing a bridge on his route home, he would think about driving off it.


OMMAG said...

Posted by Lucy Warman ..?

Neo Conservative said...

it might as well be... those guys are all one fuzzy-bunny, hurtin', feelin' hive mind.


langmann said...

Sweet, I feel much safer now.

Brian said...

The only people who bully me at work is the union.