29 October 2008

It's a No-Brainer

How smart do you have to be... to realise that the lack of a proper education, especially in today's knowledge-based economy, will make or break your child's future?

In fact, here in Canada, without that piece of paper, you can be condemning yourself to a lifetime of menial, low-paying jobs... or worse... a life of penury.

And, what exactly, is the deal with Canada's aboriginal communities?

Using data from the 2006 census, Prof. Richards demonstrates that a high-school diploma makes any Canadian, whether aboriginal or not, nearly twice as likely to hold a job.
That just makes sense, right?

So can anyone explain why so many fewer native children are failing to achieve the most basic of educational footholds... the high school diploma?
But for aboriginal people aged 20 to 24, the group that most recently went through the Canadian school system, barely 60 per cent have completed high school, compared with nearly 90 per cent of non-aboriginals.

That rate drops to nearly 50 per cent among those that identify themselves as first-nations members, as opposed to M├ętis or Inuit, and declines to less than 40 per cent for those living on reserves.
Now... this is where Zorpheus and Rob Budde and Dr Dawg all jump in and start to sing a merry song of racism.

But hey, guys... hang on just a second.

Other so-called visible minorities, immigrants who come to this country penniless and without even basic English language skills, are blowing right past aboriginals... grabbing hold of that idealised Canadian dream and becoming wildly successful.

This isn't about race and racism... it's about culture.

It's about a culture of defeat, a culture of victimisation.

And don't tell me there are no opportunities for aboriginal people. The taxpayers of this country pour 10 billion dollars every year into trying to float that shoddy, leaky First Nations cultural boat. If native children manage to get that high school diploma, there are, in this uber politically-correct environment, companies and government programmes that will fall over backwards to help them get ahead.

Just ask folk hero and convicted criminal Shawn Brant about his $430,000 government loan, which... by the way... he defaulted on.

Stop pissin' and moanin' and get your collective asses in gear... because it's not just your lives you're wasting.

Do it for your kids.


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If these folks spent as much time actually working... or building up their community... as they did in these paranoid fantasies... everybody would be way better off.

Not gonna happen though, huh?

(h/t reader mike)


langmann said...

Lots of racism against Asian people in Canada well into the 1950's (unlike what the trudeu-utopians would have us believe). Many of those people treated like virtual slaves.

Lots of racism against Jews as well. If I lived back then I wouldn't be getting into medical school in certain provinces.

Somehow we as a population seem to have risen above it.

I personally thank the left for generally ignoring us in their "let's save the victims" tirades. Instead of beating us down with their grants and paternalistic patronizing campaign of telling us we cannot possibly succeed, they have allowed us to flourish.

The poverty of natives is definitely our fault, and certainly is due to racism. It's the racist policies of these do-gooders by locking them into useless areas of land, preventing them from being able to use their resources, kow-towing to the corrupt chiefs and generally spreading the wealth to the pockets of their friends. Anyone see any Jewish or Chinese Reserves?

Personally I would rather the government gave each native living on the reserve their share of the billions of dollars earmarked for them instead of it passing through the fists of bureaucrats, lawyers, chiefs etc.

Anyway, as our colonial founders knew, "best way to destroy a man is to pay him to do nothing."

Neo Conservative said...

there is simply no way to deny that the socialistic reservation system is a complete and utter bust.

the only people who benefit are the corrupt chiefs and their cronies who get to skim off money for their own personal benefit.

but, like everything else, it's a choice.

canada has so much potential. aboriginal peoples have to learn to participate and integrate and they will prosper.


Kathy Shaidle said...

Jews and Asians aren't big huffers of inhalants. just sayin'.

Genetic IQ differences are a bitch but what can you do.

We should cut every status Indian a cheque for a million bucks and tell them to shut up already. Enough is enough.

Neo Conservative said...

"kathy shaidle says... We should cut every status Indian a cheque for a million bucks and tell them to shut up already. Enough is enough."

solvents aside, kathy... that's an interesting idea. have you actually done the math here?

whatever it comes to... it sure can't be 10 billion a year... ad infinitum.


Neo Conservative said...

"nonny says... It comes to 1.17 TRILLION dollars."

you wanna show me the math here?

as for the rest of your nonsense here...

-- deleted --


mahmood said...

Food for thought post neo but Shaidle's huffing and puffing?...kinda creepy.

langmann said...

@ nonny, Ummm, yes Jews of a particular ancestry have genetic differences innate to the population. By those differences I mean certain inheritable diseases are linked to that population due to intermarriage within the population. BTW your numbers are a little high on the 1 million per native but pretty close. What is even more interesting though is that if you break down the number of natives on reserve 471,900, you see each one is supposedly getting 21,190 dollars. Where is that money going? Because its obviously not going to each person.

@ Kathy, intelligence is a simple word for something that is genetically very complex. I really am ashamed that you Kathy, would try and state without any real evidence that somehow native americans are genetically inferior in intelligence ( as diverse a genetic population as a european one as far as the scanty human genetic diversity goes ). That's just uncalled for and not something I will stand for at all and I hope you meant something else.

Neo Conservative said...

sorry, nonny... try again.

mahmood and langmann are both taking kathy to the woodshed over her comments. they have earned that privilege.

you, on the other hand, have to be on your best behaviour... because i say so.


Anonymous said...

Thanks langmann. We agree at least about Kathy.

I consider the Jewish "genetic" differences to be minor. Since the faith expects people to marry within, you will see effects similar to geographic isolation. With a time scale of 5000 years, you would see only a couple of hundred generations. Not enough to become different than Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

I actually agree with neo's contention that there is a lot of culture involved. Everyone jokes about Jewish grandmothers guilting and pushing the kids to excel. A stereotype but there is a some truth in it. You will see the Asians that manage to get here are already a self selected successful group. Usually it comes down to a strong family structure.

The only problem is that it is too easy to presume that everyone from that culture follows whatever has been observed about them. Then we see suspecting people of being criminals not because of what they do, but because of who they are, what culture they are presumed to come from.

There are still jewish serial killers. The beheader on the Greyhound bus was Asian. So we can't simply assume a genetic explanation and label some ethnic group as automatically crime prone.

As for the natives, the paternalistic system tried to prevent them from being swindled out of their land. Or being paid a million dollars (in the equivalent of the day) and being swindled out of that soon after. It is said that minor genetic differences of the sort we see with Jews made the natives much less able to handle alcohol and they had no immunity to the pox. The native culture "before the white man" was reasonably stable, they had rules and they were spread out enough that their wars would not wipe out everyone. It was a hard life and they lived at a more primitive level than the Europeans.

The sad truth though is that when two cultures clash and one is a thousand years behind the other, it will not survive in the form it was. I think the Indian Act was designed to protect the natives from the white man during that transition. I don't think its authors ever imagined it would still be in force today, several generations later.

The real problem with natives today is there are organized gangs terrorizing the community and they have reached the level of being a quasi government.

Neo Conservative said...

good grief, nonny... you can actually make coherent, intelligent comments.

pardon me while i go get a stiff drink.


langmann said...

nonny: "I consider the Jewish "genetic" differences to be minor. Since the faith expects people to marry within, you will see effects similar to geographic isolation. With a time scale of 5000 years, you would see only a couple of hundred generations. Not enough to become different than Homo Sapiens Sapiens."

Did I say anything different, or are you just reiterating what I said?

I disagree with you about the whole protection used as a reason to segregate the Natives a few hundred years ago.

I do think that in the minds of some well meaning British parliamentarians and Lords, and even the Monarch, it seemed like a good thing for those people at the time, in much the same way they thought the poor houses would help treat poverty in London.

However in the minds of the people implementing the organization, as well as the political leaders of the colonies, I am convinced the vast majority were looking for a great way to shift those people out of the way.

Either way, though, whatever you want to claim are the reasons for setting up the system the final result is the key point, which is:

The reserve system is a stark example of the results of the majority of social programs. Set up with the best of intentions, the end is always a social and economic failure. As always the best way to implement economic growth and human improvement is to define property rights, enforce them, allow the free movement of capital, investment, and a free market system.

It is certainly not an inherent part of native american or first nations culture in any way to to be lazy, alcoholic, and abusive. Our high minded socialists have made some of them that way.