08 January 2008

Guess what would have happened...

If this kid had run over and killed somebody?

-- PONOKA, Alta. -- A 12-year-old central Alberta boy who faces charges after leading RCMP on a high-speed chase is to appear in court Wednesday.
The answer is... he still would have gone home with mom and dad.
Mounties chased what they thought was an impaired driver on the Queen Elizabeth 2 Highway at speeds of 170 kilometres an hour Monday before two spike belts were used to stop the minivan.

The Red Deer boy, who cannot be identified under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, is charged with dangerous driving, flight from police, driving without a licence, taking a vehicle without consent and driving without insurance.
And guess what Junior has learned from all of this?

Nothing good.

It's time to rewrite the Youth Criminal Injustice Act.



Anonymous said...

Abolish the Act. Any consideration for discrimination by age can be taken during sentencing.

Wonder Woman said...

Crikey...he got up to 170 km/h in a minivan?!?