18 January 2008

C'mon, this is simply about...

An immense love and respect for Mother Earth... the "consulting" is just the icing on the cake...

Two native bands are threatening to tie up the Ontario government's long-range power plans using lengthy court delays.

In a submission to the Ontario Energy Board, people from the Saugeen Ojibway Nation Territories argued the province has not lived up to its legal requirement to consult with them on the plan's impact.
By consult, of course... they mean pay up.
Arthur Pape, the lawyer for the two communities says there's still time to negotiate compensation that may be owed to First Nations for the impact of new wind farms, hydro dams and transmission lines on their hunting and fishing rights and way of life.
Hmmm... guess it's time to start shopping for a portable generator.


Anonymous said...

I think the Natives in Canada have seen just one tooooo many episodes of the Sopranos don't you? Ah to be in the position to set up a protection racket and be able to envelope it with a cloak of dignity or legitimacy. Something of a the neat trick, wouldn't you think?

Neo Conservative said...

"crazymamma says... to be in the position to set up a protection racket"

well, they've found out that threatening people... a la caledonia and deseronto... brings the fiberal mcslippery government to heel.

maybe dalton could consider not rewarding bad behaviour.