18 January 2008

I've gotta get me...

Some of that silver-spoon socialism.

-- OTTAWA -- They plan to hammer out a strategy at a special retreat next week to make life "more affordable" for ordinary Canadians. But the NDP is drawing criticism for staging their meeting at a posh resort, east of Ottawa, where most "ordinary Canadians" would not even be able to pay for breakfast.
Geez, Jacko... that sounds like some fancy omelette...
On its website, the Chateau Montebello describes itself as "an exceptional resort, famed for its rugged luxury," in a "stunning red cedar log hotel," where Sunday brunch would cost about $39 per person.
I'm speechless... I got nuthin'.

(h/t natnews)


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Winnipeg MP Pat Martin also dismissed questions, noting the party negotiated a healthy discount at the resort. The Ch√Ęteau Montebello is, ironically, owned by one of the wealthiest men in the world, Saudi Arabia's Prince Alwaleed Al Saud.

"Who's to say the lumpenproletariat can't enjoy good linen?"
Well... apparently not Taliban Jack.



not k-k-kevron said...

"I got nuthin'."

how 'bout "cunt"?



Neo Conservative said...

"lol kevron says... not k-k-kevron "

sure it is...
Domain Name sbcglobal.net
State : California
City : Oakland

lefty uber-troll and infamous canadian cecilia minion kevron... has dropped by yet again... to share mistress cecilia's favorite word.


not not-k-k-kevron said...




NOt NOt-K-K-KEvron

Libby's bib said...

Bwahahahaaa...Tabby Jack amd his gang can feel your pain...from waaaaay over there.

Neo Conservative said...

not content with linking to me yet again just yesterday... canadian cecilia has started linking to my comments...

"canadian cynic says... A commenter who has nothing whatsoever to do with regular CC commenter "KEvron" stops by there and makes an utterly irrelevant comment, at which point ..."

well... "nothing to do"... except having the same isp in oakland, california... as uber-troll and cc licker kkk kevron.

regular readers know that the only time i mention little cecilia... is when she spews out some profane diatribe and links to me... yet again.

the only time i ever go to cecilia's profanity laden bowl of puke... is when sitemeter shows me that she has been trying to stir things up here.

for the curious... please make sure you click on my comment of 12:15 am above... to get a sampling of cecilia's "greatest hits".

and you're absolutely right cecilia... somebody is obsessed.


KEvron said...

"sitemeter shows me that she has been trying to stir things up here."

perhaps you had better learn to use the thing....



orvict said...

What I find so unbeilevable is the attacks are knee jerk reactions of drones that have put absolutly no thought into the issues. Never any research, just drive by attempts at smears which highlight their own ignorance.
They have been given their opinion and they are sticking to it.
I guess they can go back to their own site and have a mass circle jerk over how clever they are.

Neo Conservative said...

"orvict says... absolutely no thought into the issues"

see... you have to get on cecilia and kkk kevron's wavelength... it's not about dialogue... it's a couple of little kids screaming, "look at me... look at me"*

wiping their shit all over the walls here... tells you everything you need to know about their mindset and capabilities.


not not not said...

look at me! look at me!



I am k-k-kevron(really) said...

Just to clarify this bowl of crap, if possible, I was over at Shlemazl's yanking the clown Kevron's chain and he "thinks"(I know) it was you.

What can I say neo? they think I'm you...I'll take a compliment wherever I can.

Neo Conservative said...

"I am k-k-kevron(really) said... What can I say neo? they think I'm you."

judging from all the times she chooses to link here... canadian cecilia sees me behind every scary, hidden agenda.

it's comical really.

and kkk kevron thinks i'll faint if he talks dirty.

all i can say is... there's a couple of mopes who really, really deserve each other.


not really really not said...


NOt REally REally NOt

Lefty said...

$39? That's kinda cheap for a good brunch. Who's complaining?

Neo Conservative said...

"lefty asks... Who's complaining?"

apparently not taliban jack and the commie caucus.