25 January 2008

No good deed...

Goes unpunished...

"Police brutality!" people began to yell. "Take some pictures!"

Some attendees rushed outside and recorded the action on video or cellphone cameras.
Of course... there are usually two sides to every story.
Police said the incident was sparked when they tried to get the man out of the intersection, where he was almost hit by a bus.

UPDATE: Thank goodness for the compassionate left
Officers ended up scuffling with a man they described as a known street-level drug dealer outside the event.

The 35-year-old man was standing in a busy intersection, screaming and ignoring demands to get off the road.

“They try and go arrest him and he punches one of our policewomen, breaks her glasses, and she gets a cut over the eye,” Vancouver police spokesman Constable Tim Fanning said Friday.

Officers were unable to subdue him but a passing transit police officer stepped in to help, using his taser to stun the man so he could be handcuffed, Fanning said.

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"Hmmm... a mental patient menacing people in public with a large knife... yes, this is clearly a case of racism."


Anonymous said...

The police should have let him get 'bussed', then the whining cowardly artists would have to find someone else to blame for their idiot friend's woes...

Neo Conservative said...

another no-win situation for the cops.

can you imagine the headlines if they didn't intercede... "jackbooted cops watch mentally-ill man die".

they got out there in the street... risking their own lives... and still they get hammered.

yet another mindless pity-party... by and for the loony left.


Neo Conservative said...

just watched ctv news... who implied this junkie... who actually had nothing to do with the anti-gg demonstrators... and was apparently having a drug induced psychotic break... was tasered by the police for disturbing the governor-general's visit.

another ctv moonbat moment.