20 January 2008

Apparently Field Marshall Dion...

Has decided... instead of invading Pakistan... he's gonna go with Plan B...

-- KITCHENER, Ont. -- Federal Liberal caucus chairman Anthony Rota says "we haven't picked a time to overthrow the government," but the official Opposition is ready for an election campaign, if and when the time is right to defeat the minority Conservatives after Parliament resumes next week.

I'm guessin' more like underlick.

(h/t reader Maureen)


Anonymous said...

Heh, "Field Marshall Dion"...good one

Anonymous said...

But, but - he didn't mean overthrow - he meant "negotiate"

Neo Conservative said...

"dwt said... he didn't mean overthrow - he meant "negotiate""

actually that's fibspeak, for... "bark at the moon"... again.


KURSK said...

No no no..you have it all wrong, they just have not picked a time for the annexation..!

See how much more fun it is when you can interpret the tiny perfect Field marshall (TPFM) any way you want?

Much like the Liberal communications team?

Or the MSM?

Neo Conservative said...

who do you figure is callin' these dopey plays, anyway?

even the newer, more bellicose steffi... makes joe clark look like ghengis khan.

if there's a brilliant master plan here.... i'm not seeing it.

Anonymous said...

Rota is my MP...he has a military base in his constituency, but I don't expect he has a clue what the military does, other than great photo ops!
Libs just want the power...hence the word 'overthrow' is at the tips of their tongues.

maryT said...

Doesn't overthrow the government mean to take it over, without an election. Like they do in dictatorship countries.
Overthrow, invade, gee, those liberals are getting really scary, what is their hidden agenda.

Anonymous said...

Just when you thought Christmas was over, Dion keeps giving.
It stuns me that people still vote liberal. Really. What does it take?

Neo Conservative said...

well... dalton mcguinty is using taxpayer money to buy crack pipes... and he gets re-elected.

you're keepin' track... we could use that as a baseline.


hunter said...

MaryT, too funny, but sadly too true. Overthrow is what the Liberals think needs to be done, they can not understand why they are not in power, they are the natural ruling party, and they have the bureaucrats, judges, and senators to prove it.

Paul MacPhail said...

Thanks. I just remembered that I was going to watch "Plan B From Outerspace" when I could find the time. Now's the time.
Better than listening to Liberal propaganda.