17 January 2008

Britain has a Race Relations Czar?

Actually... the real shocker here... is that Trevor Phillips is apparently unwilling to sweep "politically incorrect" reality under the carpet...

The flight of the white middle classes from the inner cities is accelerating, the Government's race relations chief has said.

Trevor Phillips said so-called "white flight" - an American phenomenon now increasingly seen here - was deepening racial segregation. Mr Phillips has warned in the past of the growing polarisation of the country along ethnic lines.
And lately, he's not the only prominent Brit who has been speaking up.
But his use of the emotive term "white flight" will fuel the controversy triggered by the Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Ali, the Bishop of Rochester.

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Proponents have been lobbying hard for an African-centred school, arguing that it is an experiment worth trying, if it will help more black students graduate.
An experiment, huh?

That's simply not something I'd be willing to do with my child's future.

Can somebody please explain me to me... one -- what is it exactly... that constitutes an Afrocentric curriculum?... and two -- what possible advantage does this curriculum bestow on a student in Canadian society?

Are there African-centered careers out there somewhere? Are these students perchance heading for Africa... after achieving these exotic credentials?

Or is this just some way to water down the existing system... to give high school accreditation to kids who choose not to apply themselves in the regular school system?

Who actually believes this "experiment" is gonna solve anything?

And you just have to love the dumb bunny who imagines that kids from all over Toronto will be flocking to the Jane-Finch corridor... to fight for a spot at Nelson Mandela High.
"Alternative schools are open to all students. You may have an Afrocentric curriculum but any student who wishes to attend can apply.

That's the beauty of it."
No, my poor beknighted pinko pal... that's simply the way the "politically correct" ball bounces.

Apparently... right over your head.